May 19, 2024

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Taiwan condemned the incursion of 27 Chinese military aircraft into its air defense zone

Taiwan condemned the incursion of 27 Chinese military aircraft into its air defense zone
Chinese H-6 bomber over Taiwan airspace (File/Taiwan Ministry of Defense)

Twenty-seven Chinese fighter jets flew inside Taiwan’s air defense zone on WednesdayCondemned Taipei, while the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy PelosiHe concluded his controversial visit to the autonomous island, which Beijing considers its territory.

“27 people military aircraft entered the vicinity of (ROC) on August 3, 2022.” the Ministry of Defense said in a tweet.

According to the report, infiltration is involved Six J-11s, five J-16s and sixteen Sukhoi Su-30s.

China on Wednesday reiterated its decision to respond firmly to Pelosi’s visit, describing it as “Violation of its sovereignty”.

China’s Ministry of Defense has promised “Selective military operations”, with a series of military maneuvers around the island It will begin on Thursday, including “firing long-range live munitions” across the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island from mainland China.

In some places, the Chinese side operates 20 kilometers off the coast of Taiwan. According to the coordinates shared by the Chinese military.


But Taipei shows no signs of backing down from these threats.

“In the face of growing and deliberate military threats, Taiwan will not back down…we will defend democracy.Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen announced.

This was announced by the Ministry of Defense of Taiwan It condemned the exercises as a violation of the island’s territorial waters and “an irrational act that violates the international order”.

Japan has expressed its concern to China over maneuvers to overlap its economic exclusion zone.

China and Taiwan have been separated since 1949.When Mao Zedong’s Communist troops defeated the Nationalists, they took refuge on the island.

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Despite continuing to provide military support to Taiwan, the United States recognized the Beijing government as China’s representative in 1979.

China’s “reunification” is a priority objective for Chinese President Xi Jinping. He formally told Biden over the phone last week to avoid “playing with fire.”

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