May 27, 2024

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The 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham announced the grand opening

The 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham announced the grand opening

The CWG 2022 Games officially opened after the grand opening ceremony.© AFP

Highlights of CWG 2022 Opening CeremonyThe 2022 Commonwealth Games were officially declared open after the grand opening ceremony held at Alexander Stadium in Birmingham on Thursday. The Indian team is led by Olympic medalist PV Sindhu and captain of the men’s hockey team Manpreet Singh. Neeraj Chopra was India’s designated flag bearer at the opening ceremony, but sustained an injury during the World Championships in Athletics, where he won the silver medal. He had to withdraw from CWG 2022 due to an injury. Earlier, percussionist Abraham Paddy Tetteh started at Alexander Stadium, then classical Indian singer and composer Ranjana Ghatak took the lead, and the section was meant to showcase the city’s diversity. The Games, set to be the UK’s biggest and most expensive sporting event since the 2012 London Olympics, had to deal with the negative impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The opening ceremony will be attended by Prince Charles as the chief guest. The Queen’s Baton arrived at the Games Village in Birmingham on Wednesday, July 27. The entire opening ceremony, which is expected to last about two and a half hours, was written by British screenwriter Stephen Knight, who produced the popular crime drama Peaky Blinders.” Speaking of the CWG, athletes from over 72 countries and territories participated in the multidisciplinary event. Meanwhile, India had 66 medals in the previous edition of the Commonwealth Games held on the Gold Coast in Australia.

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Here are the highlights of the 2022 Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony from Alexander Stadium, Birmingham

  • 02:56 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    DURAN-DURAN Close the show!

    Rotation Rotation is now performing. That’s it from our coverage. See you later today with all the action from day one.

  • 02:46 (international daylight saving time)

    The CWG Games 2022 is OFFICIALLY OPEN!!!!

    The 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham were declared open after the nearly two-hour grand opening ceremony.

  • 02:44 (international daylight saving time)

    Prince Charles on stage!

    Prince Charles addresses everyone present inside Alexander Stadium.

  • 01:58 (India time)

    India!!! They are here!!!

    The wait is finally over! The Indian battalion is here, led by soccer star PV Sindhu and Indian hockey captain Manpreet Singh.

  • 01:37 (IST)


    The kiwi is here and the women’s cricket team chat is having a chat with a host

  • 01:27 (IST)

    The Australians are here!

    Sports units assembled. First up Australia.

  • 01:16 (GMT)

    The bull made by women’s chain makers!

    Currently, the raging bull is being dragged by female chain runners. It took 5 months and 10 meters to build the model

  • 01:10 (GMT)

    Birmingham history!

    Birmingham History at the Gallery: Buttons; car horns; Celluloid film print newspaper. I didn’t know these facts

  • 01:00 (India time)

    Black Sabbath in action!

    After Malala, Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi mesmerizes the crowd

  • 00:57 (international daylight saving time)

    Honor Malala!

    Malala Yousafzai addresses the fans at the Alexander Stadium. Some of her stories as she explains. She now lives in Birmingham, for the record.

  • 00:49 (Indochina time)

    CWG Opening Ceremony Opening Live: The Power of the Stick!

    Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, the wand did not miss a single day or area during its trip to Birmingham

  • 00:43 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    CWG Opening Ceremony LIVE: Cars Everywhere!

    Assembled over five decades, 72 cars are a tribute to Birmingham’s auto industry

  • 00:38 (international summer time)

    CWG Opening Ceremony Live: Amazing Scenes!

    A group of homes from across the Commonwealth have arrived at Alexander’s Stadium, through Virtual Reality! Each house represents one of the 72 countries participating in the CWG.

  • 00:35 (Indochina time)

    CWG Opening Ceremony Live: Here We Go!

    It’s show time! We are working

  • 00:30 (Indochina time)

    CWG Opening Ceremony Live: About Time!

    Grab those final drinks and snacks, get that last trip to the toilet and get comfortable. We are less than a minute away from

  • 00:25 (international daylight saving time)

    CWG Opening Ceremony Live: KUDOS!

    Over 14,000 volunteers will be working across the Games over the next 11 days with more than 2,000 volunteers at tonight’s opening ceremony.

    great effort!

  • 00:20 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    CWG OPENY CEREMONY LIVE: 10 minutes left!

    Expectations are rising at Alexanderplatz ahead of the opening ceremony. Just 10 minutes to get started

  • 00:09 (International Daylight Savings Time)

    CWG Opening Ceremony LIVE: VIRAT KOHLI wishes the group good luck!

  • 23:39 (Indochina time)

    CWG OPENY CEREMONY LIVE: Everything is ready!

    Indian badminton team and support staff are ready for the opening ceremony. PV Sindhu will be one of the flag bearers of India.

  • 23:19 (International Daylight Savings Time)


    Hello and welcome to our live coverage of the CWG 2022 Opening Ceremony from Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.

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