February 22, 2024

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The brutal murder of a social media star has exposed the hidden drama of domestic violence in China

Lamo is a Chinese influencer who was set on fire by her husband, who on several occasions tried to divorce him.

The latest episode of the gruesome case of domestic violence that shocked China after the death penalty Tang Lu, A man who killed his wife, A social media star from an Asian company called Lamo.

According to the Interim People’s Court of the Autonomous Province of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Minorities in Sichuan Province, Tang Loo poured petrol on Lahamo and set it on fire in September last year.

For this heinous act, the person was charged with intentional murder and his method was described by the courtVery cruel“, With social impact”Too bad“And crime”Much Cemetery”.

The case highlights domestic violence in China and persistent failures to protect victims despite changes in law and government commitments. Lamo’s death follows several charges against him and unresolved complaints to the police and attempts to leave the tank. Promoted campaigns to strengthen laws and facilitate divorce for women victims of violence.

Lamo, 30, was a popular social media celebrity in southwest Xinjiang County, Sichuan. With tens of thousands of followers in the Chinese version of DuTok.

His videos provided a window into his life, but there was no indication that he had been abused. His followers saw beautiful scenes of rural life in Lamo: Picking herbs, walking in the mountains, cooking dinner, and working at home where she lived with her husband and two children.

The young woman escaped from her husband and went to live in the mountains, from where she continued to broadcast live to her thousands of followers.
The young woman escaped from her husband and went to live in the mountains, from where she continued to broadcast live to her thousands of followers.

What they did not see was the war she waged to protect herself and her children from a violent ex-husband who had twice divorced her. The second time after he forced her to remarry.

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In early September last year, a man entered while Lamo was broadcasting live from his father’s kitchen. According to reports, Hundreds of people who saw her at the time heard the sound of her screams and the screen went dark.

Lomo’s sister, Dolma, He was later found in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Aba province with 90% burns on her body. She was transferred to Sichuan, and her family asked for donations to help pay for her treatment, which drew attention to her case. A few days later, she died.

Campaigns for Lamo’s death intensified when Chinese President Xi Jinping addressed a UN conference a day later defending women’s rights and interests. “It has to become a national commitment.”

Hashtags, including #LhamoAct, demanded legislation allowing victims of automatic divorce, which spread across the Internet, but was quickly shut down by auditors. Demands arose for stricter enforcement of the four-year Domestic Violence Act.

Beijing Equality, Women’s Rights Committee 2020 Report, since the enactment of the 2016 Act, More than 920 women die from three domestic violence cases every five days.

Lu Xiaoquan, assistant lawyer and executive director of women’s rights law at the Qian Qian law firm in Beijing, said Lamo’s death had caught the country’s attention because of her profile on social media. But she died many years after a law designed to protect women like her was passed.

“The Chinese public understands domestic violence well. Some consider domestic violence to be a ‘domestic affair’.” Lou said. “Tolerance for serious cases of domestic violence has been significantly reduced.”

Lamo was known as Tibetan
Lamo was known as Tibetan

Lamo’s sister Dolma said Tang knew the police and he assaulted his wife several times. After Lamo left him for the first time in March 2020, he forced his children to remarry. He continued to be violent, Dolma said New York Times. Lamo went into hiding with his family in June seeking a divorce again. Tong searched for her and allegedly hit Dolma when she did not tell him where her sister was.

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A court eventually granted him a divorce, but Tang gave the children custody, and spent several months in the Lamo Mountains, constantly releasing exciting videos. Two days before the attack, He told his audience he was going home.

Lou said local police often treat domestic violence as a family or private matter by public and public officials. They should not be involved in general.

Pat captures the records of his favorite social networking site Lamo in the Chinese version of Tic Tac Toe.
Pat captures the records of his favorite social networking site Lamo in the Chinese version of Tic Tac Toe.

“So they did not intervene in a timely manner to break the vicious cycle.” Lou said Defender. “This shows a lack of understanding of the nature of domestic violence and the lack of domestic violence awareness training for local police, which means they cannot take appropriate action.”

Three days after the alleged assault, county police began investigating Tank, who had previously denied Lamo’s allegations of her husband’s violence as a “family affair.” On December 10, 10 days after his death, the Jinchuan People’s Attorney’s Office approved his arrest on suspicion of intentional murder.

The answer was yes Too late To Lamo.

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