June 18, 2024

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Éric Zemmour, French New Pinocchio | Six months before the presidential election, his image drives the far right

From Paris

There are people living in alternative worlds and those who convince millions of citizens that this world is real. Former US President Donald Trump He did it in the United States Boris Johnson In Great Britain and Jair Bolzano In Brazil. Now, French democracy is fully dependent on the April 2022 presidential election, no less than its national Pinocchio. Its impact has transformed electoral force relations between parties and election predictions. The local uniqueness of such narrow-mindedness is that it is surprising to note the size of its audience and the level of suspense it brought down France when it decided not to stand for election. His name is Eric Chemmore, a misnamed television “journalist”, but, on the contrary, one of the most prolific members of the Rhetoric Group in all countries. With stories of extreme right-wing, racist, Islamophobic, homosexual, lesbianophobic and anti-feminist, Eric Zemmor has risen to the highest level of electoral preferences even though he is not yet the official candidate. He was with French far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who discussed with him on television, with the exception of radical television leader Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon, who infiltrated the voting intentions from the right and disrupted all predictions. Opinion of companies. The 2020 election is not about a political proposal, it is about stupidity.


Their political shield is a Hodge badge montage, the idea that its central ingredient is being replaced by French Muslims. That current first appeared in the author’s book Jean Rosbel “Camp of the Saints” (1973), was a bed book for Donald Trump and his magical adviser Steve Bannon. In these pages the author discovered a million dark subterranean landings off the coast of France. Second note Renaud Camus ys dos libros: “De in-nocence. Abécédaire” (2010) and Le Grand Replacement (2011). Both develop the theme of transforming Western white communities. From fiction, Michael Hoolelbeck who threatened the national nerve in the submission novel, In which he depicts a Muslim-led France imposing the use of Sharia on the country. Author Bad Yor He also conceived a Muslim Europe, which he renamed Eurasia. In magazines, newspapers and on television, Eric Gemmore developed his legitimate character. “The French look at the street, the metro, the classrooms and especially the popular neighborhoods and find evidence of a great change.” With that ideology, the French fall with a frightening and brilliant ability to rewrite French history in its own way, Published four books in which he sold tens of thousands of copies: “French melancholy”, “French suicide”, “French rule” and “France did not say the last word”. Nothing bothered his rise. No charges of sexual harassment, and no less just sentencing “Incitement to Racial Discrimination” (2011), “Incitement to Religious Hatred against Muslims (2018)” and “Incitement to Insult and Hatred against Muslims.” That is, that part of reality exists only because someone interprets it, and his extra specialty is “fake history”, that is, adapting historical facts, dates, data, episodes, and characters to suit his ideology.

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The media

In June of this year a pearl read from one of his newspapers on the CNews channel: “The fascist movement was born on the left, it was born in Italy. Mussolini was a socialist. What is the name of the Nazi party? It is national-socialist. Socialist! Those people are on the left.” Another, on the same channel. , May 2021: “Christianity was abolished, that is why we have Islam, it is an alternative religion.” Handled figures, false or misquoted quotes, fabricated information, homosexuals, Muslims, women, a puppet like Eric from France, mild and influential surprises in a country with such a solid political culture. However, it is unavoidable. Eric Zemmor, like other conservative thinkers, has monopolized the far-right and far-right with the same intensity that appears in the media: Challenges, CNews, Le Figaro, France 2, BFMTV / RMC, RTL. Very few have covered their pages or TV or radio sites. Eric Chemmore and his re-painted fascism express a wonderful passion. Weekly polls prove his stellar journey. 5% voting objectives in May, 6% in June, 10% in mid-September (Harris Interactive Barometer). The latest survey puts him close to Marine Le Pen. If he makes his candidacy official, Eric Zemmore will get 13 to 14 percent of the vote, compared to the 16 that Marine Le Pen collects. A month ago, the French far-right leader reached 24 percent of the vote. In the end, no one knows if Eric Seymour will play in the presidential election. For decades, however, the threat of his candidacy has already turned into a political game, as the two political parties that have embraced political change in France, namely socialism and liberal conservative rights, have gone through a phase. Sunset and decay. The theater is open, so any illusion would be a more reasonable option than history or reason.

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