February 1, 2023

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The camera of two Dutch tourists who went missing in 2014 has been found

This is evident from the fact that 90 photos taken between 1am and 4am on April 8, 2014 were recovered from camera memory, the Italian site reported this week. Debikik.

The camera was in a blue backpack found by a woman in a paddy field near a river in mid-April 2014, and she gave it to the Panama Police.

In addition to the camera, investigators found it inside the backpack Two pairs of sunglasses, clothes, $ 83, a bottle of water and Lisan’s passport.

Chris and Lisane were last seen alive on April 1, 2014, when they said goodbye to the family who had given them refuge in Pokemon. The Women He had gone to Panama to learn Spanish and do social work, but they decided to explore the jungle on a private trail.

At one point during that journey, a woman, Chris is said to have suffered a head injury, which is why you can see a blonde hair with traces of blood in a recently published photo..

You can also see where they were when Chris was injured and Lisane tried to call for help on her cell phone. Only one of those 77 calls is connected, but only for a few seconds due to a bad signal.

As stated in it Writers Marja West and Jர்கrgen Snoren, Chris and Lisan’s Death “An Accident”But many years ago Dutch detective Dick Stephens supported the theory that one of the women was victimized by a human trafficking network.

West and Snoran’s theory is more valid with images taken from the camera, but it is not clear who took the photos.

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Two weeks after the Baru volcanic eruption, Panamanian police investigators announced the discovery of the remains of two people in the area (with a hip and one foot still inside the shoe) and it was stopped. Search for women.

However, no information has been found on how they died or what happened to them.