April 24, 2024

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The conservatives are winning, and the far right is taking a leap and asserting itself as a third force

The conservatives are winning, and the far right is taking a leap and asserting itself as a third force

Conservative Alliance Democratic Alliance (AD, center-right) 31% ahead Voting in Portugal's legislative elections on Sunday was 90% complete. Three months before European elections, these early polls confirm the rise of the far right across the continent, as already seen in Italy, Spain and the Netherlands.

Behind, with 28.8%, is the Socialist Party (PS), and cThe right-wing Sega emerged as the third force with 19% supportAccording to the data of Ministry of Internal Administration (Interior).

They are followed by Left Bloc (2.99%), Liberal Initiative (2.97%) and Coalition of Communists and Environmentalists (2.38%).

These preliminary results indicate a shift to the right in the countryAfter more than eight years of government by Socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

Besides, Reveals the great progress of the far rightIt won 12 seats in the 2022 assembly elections with 7.18% votes.

Some 10.8 million voters are called to the polls in Portugal this Sunday, with socialist Pedro Nuno Santos and conservative Luis Montenegro (AD) competing to become prime minister.

With these results, there are neither conservatives nor socialists It will reach the threshold of 116 delegates needed to secure an absolute majority. There are 230 seats in Parliament.

The Socialist Party (PS) won an absolute majority in the January 2022 assembly elections. with 41.4% votesThis time he will get 25 to 29% votes and will come second.

After Costa left, the PS rallied around 46-year-old former minister Pedro Nuno Santos from the party's left wing.

As a result it has been positioned as the third political power in the country And confirming pre-election polls for this anti-establishment party.

Chega was founded in 2019 by André Ventura, a 41-year-old law professor, former soccer commentator and known for his racist attacks against the Roma minority.

It was an “absolutely historic decision”.Ventura celebrated after the election. The politician said he was “available” to deliver “a stable government to Portugal” “within a solid right-wing majority”.

Rise of the Far Right It comes as Portugal next month commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Carnation Revolution, which ended fascist dictatorship and 13 years of colonial wars.

In addition to the corruption allegations that led to Antonio Costa's resignation, Ventura warned during the campaign that immigration was on the rise in the country. The foreign population in Portugal has doubled in the last five years.

Voter turnout is the lowest since 2005, with the RTP survey estimating 32% and 38%.

Balance of current socialist government Covered by inflationDespite the consolidation of public finances, growth and lower unemployment than the European average.

Portugal has experienced problems with health services and schools, as well as a major real estate crisis.

Two of the far-right's election issues are the corruption scandals that brought down Antonio Costa and the growing immigrant population, which has doubled in five years.