July 22, 2024

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The Crown creator and stars defend the show over allegations of insensitivity

The Crown creator and stars defend the show over allegations of insensitivity


constructor”the crownResponding to criticism of the upcoming new season, insisting he had “tremendous sympathy” with the new king, King Charles III.

Due to premiere on Netflix on November 9, the hit drama’s fifth season deals with the divorce of the then-Prince and Princess of Wales – as portrayed by Dominic West and Emma Debicki.

The show, which won Outstanding Dramatic Series at last year’s Emmy Awards, faced some criticism for its portrayal of members of the royal family.

Now Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, has responded in comments made to him diverse. He said: “I think we must all accept that the ’90s was a difficult period for the royal family and it is almost certain that King Charles will have some painful memories of that period.

But that doesn’t mean that with the benefit of hindsight, the date will be tough for him or the property. The show is definitely not. I have great sympathy for a man in his position – in fact, a family at their center. People are more understanding and compassionate than we sometimes expect.”

West and Debicki also spoke out in defense of the show makers, who they believe handled the topic sensitively.

Debicki – who takes over the role from Emma Corinne – told Variety: “Peter and the entire cast do their best to handle everything with such sensitivity, truth and complexity, as the actors do.

“The amount of research, care, conversations and dialogue that takes place, from the viewer’s point of view, something you will probably never notice is just phenomenal. From that first meeting [with] Peter, I knew I entered this place as this was taken so seriously [in] In a deep caring way. So this is my experience with the show.”

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West, who took over from Josh O’Connor, described telling the story of the difficult period as “a heavy, heavy responsibility… and I think we all take it very seriously.”

The comments from Morgan and his staff come days after Netflix defended the show as a “fantasy play”, after former British Prime Minister John Major criticized its depiction of his time in office as a “malicious and malicious fantasy” and “a barrel load of nonsense.” ”