January 31, 2023

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The cutting edge technology of the “Avatar” series has smashed some movie projectors in Japan

Despite being the widest release ever in Japan, Avatar: Waterway Failure To claim the top ranking this past weekend as it was topped by an anime basketball picture called First salam dunk. Furthermore, multiple theaters in the country reported technical problems, one of them being in Central Japan forced to Reduce the frame rate of 48fps to the traditional 24fps, bloomberg mentioned.

Fans have reportedly been turned away from other shows and given refunds. Some of the theater chains cited by fans have problems, including United Cinemas Co., Toho Col., and Tokyu Corp. , declined to comment on the problem.

High Frame Rate (HFR) playback at 48 fps is not supported by many cinemas, as it requires newer projectors or upgrades to those that exist. Movie theaters are usually aware of the formats they can play and plan accordingly. But HFR hasn’t been used so much that it can be understood if errors come up.

Avatar: Waterway Available in multiple formats, including 2D 48fps, 3D 48fps and 24fps. If you see the 48fps version, it only uses HFR for the action sequences, while dialogue and slower scenes are dialed down to 24fps (by frame looping). Devendra Hardwar from Engadget Watch the movie at 48fps and was impressed, but added that the technology was still divisive.

Another notable film that uses HFR is Ang Lee Gemini man And the The hobbit Triple. When the latter came out in 2012, i argue Higher frame rates work better with the 3D format because they help eliminate potential eye strain and even nausea. This isn’t an issue in 2D, so 24fps gives the most natural look with none of the video game/soap opera effect that many people don’t like.

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