November 28, 2022

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The Dominican Republic advances with the wall on the border with Haiti | Anti-immigration and discriminatory policy

Global racism is on the rise Walls Daily. This practice is spread all over the world and is justified in the exclusive view of the oppressed people. The United States encircled its southern border against Central American immigrants, Israel He similarly isolated the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. Morocco Maintains one of 2,700 kilometers Occidental Sahara The humiliation of humanity and the list goes on and on. But work has begun in the Dominican Republic on its border with Haiti, most recently Divide shared space on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola. It advanced on the banks of the Masacre River in these days of June, when the government handed over its oversight to the Ministry of Defense and outsourced work to a private consortium called COFAH, which would also employ Haitians.

Not much is known about the confidentiality agreement with the company and the government. Its authors call the wall the Intelligent Perimeter Fence, presented by Dominican President Louis Abinader last February. Its first part will extend the border from approximately 390 km to 54 km and create conflicts with existing land and homeowners. Where its layout is planned. They plan to hijack them and build houses elsewhere. Secretary of Defense, Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Diaz Morfa – an American school trainee – inspected the work at the end of May.

The Parsley Massacre

“The fence will benefit both countries because it will allow greater effectiveness in controlling the flow of migrants, in the fight against cattle smuggling and other illegal activities such as drug trafficking and protection of agricultural producers,” the military official said while visiting the area. Many analysts call the subsequent Dominican governments’ racism and racism against their neighbors. History tells us that 85 years ago the dictator Rafael Trujillo discovered the so-called Parsley Massacre. It was so called because, In order to distinguish the immigrants from the natives, the soldiers of the Dominican regime called them “parsley.” In Creole, the official language of Haiti, the word was difficult to pronounce due to phonetic problems and acted as a deception to commit the forgotten massacre. Between September and October 1937 thousands of Haitians were killed with knives and axes.

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Last Thursday, Dominican Interior and Police Minister Jesus Vasquez Martinez announced that the wall already has 700 linear meters: “Haiti has become a major threat to our country.” He called this work “magnificent and majestic” because “it represents the Dominican Republic back and forth, and we are called to reflect that identity of sovereignty, homeland and this wall.”

Wall construction is an effect The process of discrimination against the Haitian community that has been going on for years in the neighboring country. In 2013, a Constitutional Court ruling – a local court – revoked the citizenship of thousands of Dominicans, children of undocumented Haitians. The sentence was considered a human rights violation by various legal experts and prompted UN intervention in 2015. George Cardona, the author of the report criticizing the decision, commented: “This has created a very serious problem for children.

Before and after these actions, the migration of Haitians to the Dominican Republic never stopped. The labor of the poor neighbor It was always exploited in agricultural work on the other side of the border. Until the 20th century, workers from Haiti were plundered on sugarcane plantations. In the book Haitian immigrants and Dominicans of Haitian descent in the Dominican Republic Published by British Bridget Wooding and Richard Mosley-Williams in 2004, this emigrant tragedy is documented

“Sudden interruption in the availability of Haitian workers will bankrupt a section of the agricultural sector and create a crisis in the growing construction sector, which will have parallel effects on national economic growth in the short and medium term,” the authors wrote. .

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In their research, Wooding and Mosley-Williams described the assassination The Trujillo dictatorship in 1937 ordered the “massacre” of sugarcane workers, most of which belonged to the United States.. Any interference in the interests of the powerful US will exhaust the patience of President Roosevelt’s dictator. ”

This exploitative regime is one that has not been found in the official newspapers of the Dominican Republic, which has only made sense in one direction: decades of displacement that have led to security problems. Haiti is a country plagued by natural disasters, permanent political instability, and mafia gangs.Controls a substantial portion of the former French colony and the July 7, 2021 assassination of former President Juan Jolie.

Abhinav came to the government in 2020 and gave a special place to build the wall in his agenda. He justified the work of the intellectual fence on the border by saying, “It will benefit both countries because it will allow bilateral trade to be controlled more effectively.” An extraordinary argument for an entrepreneur in favor of a free market economy.

The President signed an order keeping the details of the agreement with the COFAH Federation secret under the guise of national security. The Renewable Energy Company’s engineering, production and sales are not just dedicated to wall-mounting countries and cities around the planet.

There are now man-made concrete and concrete barriers from the seventies to the eighties, and since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the business of companies providing these services has grown steadily. The cost of the work in the Dominican Republic is $ 30 million, not counting the additional surveillance equipment. Such as drones, sensors and other electronic components.

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Some of the leading multinational corporations building us back to the Middle Ages were EU Airbus, Americans Lockheed Martin, Northrop Krumman, L3 Technologies and General Dynamics, French Thales, Spanish Indira and Italian Leonardo. . According to the 2020 report, six out of ten people live in countries that have built walls on their borders against poor, undocumented immigrants fleeing famine or war.

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