March 30, 2023

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The Elden Ring Mod turns an RPG into a free-for-all Pokémon-style game

screenshot: FromSoftware / King Bear Haha / Kotaku

new Elden ring The mod turns from an epic open world software into a bloody one Pokemon Fighter, with infinite Soul Summons, you can take on each other as if you were Ash Ketchum at the Renaissance Fair. You can download a file Elden ring fighter spirit Now on Nexus Mods, no strings attached. You only need to be excited about the possibility of relaxing in a field with the sun, your sword and 10 dung eaters;.

This is the exciting part of the pattern created by Evil spirits Data miner and model King PuriAnd

Spirit Battler turns “any enemy you want” into it Soul ashes, including bosses like Fortress Malenia and the deranged Starscourge Radahn. According to the description of Nexus Mods, it is simply “a tool for setting up custom encounters Elden ring Via Summon Spirit of Ash”, including “Summon for Summon, Player for Summon, Free for All, Custom Spirit Ash”. whatever you want!”

First, select up to 10 enemies and customize them into teams with Spirit Battler, which you connect to your Elden ring Install by pasting the Regulation.bin into the file ModEngine2 “mod” folder. You can customize the color of the callbacks that appear as (Red like gas, which is Spirit Ash’s standard azure color, etc.), customize their stats (“Want a crab that deals 100x damage?” suggests the Nexus Mods description), locate their fight, and more. After making the desired changes, select the canonical Spirit Ash summon to overwrite it, then save it to Battler to apply it to your actual game.

King Bore demonstrated the unlimited potential of the model In a recent tweetsetting up the fighter so that, when ringing a Soul bell callthe Bore figure is instantly surrounded by a towering giant, a bloodthirsty silver orb, a Torrent horse, whatever Those guys who look like pizza dough areand other angry enemies.

All of these summons may crowd your chosen location, but Spirit Battler seems to have fun and funny gameplay Elden ringespecially when you choose Bore’s over Pokemon-ish suggestions, Like every crab battle royale. Or, at the very least, it should hold you back until the game is over Shadow wanted expansion It makes it to consoles and PC at some point in the future. Think of all the crabs you could be smoking in the meantime.

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