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The Fascinating World of the Pinturong, an Animal That Smells Like Popcorn

The Fascinating World of the Pinturong, an Animal That Smells Like Popcorn
Pinturong, also known as manturong or black bear cat, is native to South and Southeast Asia. (Carlos Delgado/WikiCommons)

He Pinturong (Arctitis Pinthurong), also known as Black bear catA carnivorous mammal of the family ViviridaeAs small-bodied animals can be found, they often have genetic habits and genetics similar to civets and bear a great deal of resemblance to domestic cats.

The curious black bear cat can weigh up to 20 kg and be over a meter long. In arboreal habits, it is active day and night; Their diet is mainly based on small mammals, birds, fish, worms and fruits.

They are native to South and Southeast Asia and are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCNIts population has declined by more than 30% since the mid-1980s, mainly due to urban and residential expansion, making it a vulnerable species.

They have many scent glands that release a liquid that smells like popcorn. (Bart van den Bosch/WikiCommons)

Also called Shawl It was described in 1822 by Thomas Stamford Raffles, a British politician widely known as the founder of Singapore.

It mainly lives in countries like China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

Generally, the Pinturong is long, heavy and covered with a thick coat of coarse black hair, its four legs are short and very strong. Its prehensile tail tapers as it approaches the tip ending in a hook and is almost as long as the head or body, 66 to 69 cm.

Bindurong's greatest interest is that both females and males have musk scent glands that emit a scent similar to musk. Popcorn.

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It is omnivorous and feeds on small mammals, birds and fish as well as insects and fruits, which is why it is considered an important agent of seed dispersal, thanks in particular to its incredible ability to remove the outer coverings of the strangler fig. seed.

They reach reproductive maturity at 27 months of age and their gestation period lasts 84 to 99 days; Usually gives birth to one to six cubs weighing approximately 280 grams.

Thanks to the behavior of captive specimens London Zoo, They are known to be arboreal and like to curl up and hide their heads under their tails when resting. They slowly and easily reach the top of the tree, thanks to the dexterity provided by their tail.

Although its reproductive period usually lasts up to 15 years, the average life span of the Bindurong is 25 years.

Their diet is mainly based on fruits and small mammals. (Greg Hume/WikiCommons)

Binturong appears on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species among animals vulnerable to a number of factors, including encroachment and destruction of its habitat as a result of urban and residential expansion and deforestation.

IUCN officials say the binturong is hunted for its meat, which is believed to have curative effects in traditional medicine.

Although their population has been reduced due to illegal poaching in the Philippines, they are sold as pets and for human consumption.

The opposite is true in Vietnam, where they are hunted for meat and sold as food. Civet and Bindurong are in high demand in this country and in China.

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In India, it has the highest level of protection through legislation implemented in 1972, and in Thailand, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Malaysia it is considered a priority species to be protected.