February 27, 2024

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Donald Trump wins and paves the way to return to the White House

Donald Trump wins and paves the way to return to the White House

Former President Donald Trump This Tuesday he accomplished one Major win at New Hampshire StateOf course success drives him toward the Republican nomination.

His rival, former governor and former ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley succeeded. A better choice than rated polls previous.

Andhra News announced that Trump had won after the polls were over. Trump received 53.2% of the vote to Haley's 45.7%.

YesAnd he speculated that his application might be reduced. However, in a speech Tuesday night, Haley vowed not to drop out of the race and would continue to advance in the South Carolina primary until at least next month.

“New Hampshire is number one in the nation; “It's not the last in the nation,” he said. “This fight is far from over. There are dozens more states,” he said last night.

On average studies The former are indicated Between 15 and 18 points in favor of the presidentBut Haley fought hard at the last minute to pull through.

For anti-Trump Republicans, New Hampshire probably represented the last battle They could fight against the controversial former president's candidacy and prevent him from running for the White House again. A CNN poll found that only 32% said they were part of the Trumpist MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement, and 32% said they were not. 31% said moderate and 6% liberal

In this context, another decisive victory for Trump in New Hampshire would seal his nomination and send his last rival reeling from a rethinking of his campaign. She wanted to wonder and move on. Although she remains in the race against Trump's wishes, the decision doesn't seem to have helped her much, and she should come to an end soon.

Trump tried to end his campaign with him Former rivals turned allies. Senator Tim Scott, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgumon and Ramaswamy joined him on stage, explaining how the field quickly rallied behind him.

All the darts fired left. For example, Scott was surprised to question Trump's eligibility, leading a traditional chant of “Four More Years” at the event, calling for the president to return to the White House.

“Get out of bed and vote” The former president made the call. “We have to go because we have to win by a big margin,” he said. Trump needs to quickly wrap up Internal Affairs to devote himself to his investigations — he faces 91 charges in as many cases — including one alleging fraud in the 2020 elections, to save money and focus on his main rival, the Democrats. Biden.

Haley has resisted — at least for now — pressure to lower herself and align herself with Trump to make the Republican nomination easier. “In America we have elections, not coronations,” he declared, appealing to voters' sense of independence against “political elites.”

Nikki Haley's New Hampshire loss against Donald Trump could put her candidacy on hold. AP Photo/Charles Krupa

As always Haley He avoided a serious confrontation with Trump. He said he hopes to get a “good result” that will put him in the race in New Hampshire. He's betting that moderates will turn out in droves, and Trump-hating independents will join. Vote in any election. He was buoyed by the results of early morning voting in the small county of Dixville Notch, whose residents cast six votes for him and zero for Trump.

Moved to Haley, New Hampshire Your last chance A month before reaching the next meeting in the primaries of his home state of South Carolina and until “Super Tuesday” in March. But now the vote numbers are allotted to him Failure in his own land. The encouragement he needs is great.

Primaries were also held in New Hampshire Democrats, but without ballots with Biden's name on them Due to disagreements with the local branch of the party. Although the president has secured his party's nomination, the president's campaigners have in recent days called for Biden's name to be handwritten on the ballot because it would be a shame if he lost to unknown candidates in the state, such as Rep. Dean Phillips. Author Marion Williamson. Ultimately, Biden won with 60% of the vote.

Everything points to a resurgence of the Biden-Trump showdown in the Nov. 5 presidential election. There is still a long way to go but, for now, the polls give them a draw.