April 22, 2024

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The first new foods to be found for the 2024 Twins season

The first new foods to be found for the 2024 Twins season

Spring has truly arrived this time as we prepare for the first sound of a bat to echo across Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins. We're gearing up for Thursday's season opener against the Cleveland Guardians by sampling all the foods that go well with cheering on a Twins win.

The Twins, in collaboration with food service partner Delaware North, announced a lineup of new food and beverage items. Prices were not immediately available.

Bành Mí Brat from Union Hmong Kitchen

Chef Yia Vang continues his path to total food domination with his genius combination of Kramarczuk's Hmong sausage served in a hot dog bun with bright banh mi toppings of pickled vegetables and garlic aioli. We didn't know it was time to update the classic soccer game, but Fang certainly did. Article 127

Mashed baked potatoes

Just as the name suggests, it's a mall food court designed to satisfy the meat-and-potatoes ways of the Midwest. Choose your toppings, but don't skimp on the beer cheese and ground brisket. Article 117

CREAM and BluePrint juices from Parcelle

This new health food restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis is making the leap to Target Field with two of its signature smoothies packed with fruit, coconut milk, and collagen peptides. Our favorite was the strawberry and banana cream. Close your eyes as you sip a cocktail on the beach. Article 126 Market

Al Ain Burger from Lord Fletcher

As new and fun as throwing a line from the dock, Lake Minnetonka staple Lord Fletcher's brings a taste of summer to the heart of Target Field. Coarsely chopped walleye are formed into a burger that is grilled and served with lemon tartar sauce on a softly toasted bun. Gate 34

S'mores Boozy Ice Cream

We didn't think there was any way to improve on classic soft serve ice cream, but then someone decided to put vodka on it, and we're on board. Toasted marshmallow syrup infused with high-octane alcohol is drizzled over the chocolate and vanilla. The ice cream is decorated with marshmallows and graham crackers. Gate 34

Mighty Buffalo Dry Wings from Official Fried Chicken

Pressure-fried chicken wings join the lineup in this year-old stand designed to look like a robot. The crunchy bread is tossed with OFC's dry buffalo rub, which gives them a fiery kick without leaving you with soggy fingers. Ranch on the Side Okan is a big fan of the sauces. (Also new to the OFC menu this year is chili and cheese.) Article 134

Bussin Birria tacos at Hrbek's

From the Mall of America to beyond the stadium, businessman Amol Dixit is bringing Bussin Birria tacos to Minneapolis. The tacos are stuffed with braised beef and cheese, and are quickly folded and sliced ​​on a griddle before being served alongside a cup of the dish's signature beef for dipping. Article 114

Cherry smash whiskey at Keeper's Heart Town Ball Tavern

The Level 2 bar has been rebranded for the local whiskey brand, and three new cocktails from O'Shaughnessy Distilling Co. have also been added. To her list. We'll skip the Irish Mojito and Vanilla Creamed Whiskey and go straight for this hot pink bourbon and cherry bargain, made with Keeper's Heart bourbon, Monin HomeCrafted Cherry Smash, soda, and lemon. Article 229

Burger Fries from Too Mixed Up at Thrivent Club

The dining hall platform that started out streaming their meals on Twitch is now in the ballpark with three shows. Like a deconstructed drive-thru order, burger fries are the kind of decadence we love eating in the stands. French fries with Philly cheese steak, American cheese, caramelized onions, jalapenos, spicy ketchup and Zippy House sauce, it may seem like a lot. it's not. (For those who can't make it to the exclusive club, which is most of us, Two Mixed Up's “Just a Burger” is still available in burger form at the Town Ball Tavern.)

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More cookies from Two Mixed Up at Truly on Deck

The second of Graze Food Hall's new entries is a killer chocolate chip cookie wrapped around a whole gooey piece. We ate our food at room temperature and loved every sweet bite; We hear that the heating they will have in Truly on Deck, makes them sublimated. Club level, right field

Also new this year

StepChld Sweet Potato Pancakes: Sweet and salty cut sweet potato fritters fried into a crunchy ball the size of your fist are part dessert, part ballpark brunch. Really on deck

Chicken Tinga Arepas from QBO Latin Food: Crispy corn pockets are stuffed with pulled chicken, shredded cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo and lots of pickled red onions. Really on deck

All you can eat stadium food: A $42 game ticket comes with whatever you want of hot dogs, burgers, chicken strips, potato chips, peanuts, Pepsi products, water and frozen desserts. Landing Legends (Sections S, T, U, and V)

Mac and Meat from East Coast BBQ: Choose one of three toppings for elbows and cheese: chicken, rib tips, or bacon. Article 131

Fried Oreo from curd and cake: Fried and baked, this dessert makes a stadium appearance. Have a tray of them in a paper boat, or treat them as a topping for a sundae (this is our recommendation). Article 232

Ultimate Burger from Red Cow: Red Cow is expanding its Target Field menu with this meat staple featuring thick patties, aged cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and house sauce. Article 233

Mini Donuts from Papa Pete's: There's nothing new about cinnamon-sugar-covered mini buns, one of our favorite summer treats. Except for dipping sauces. Have it with caramel, chocolate, or hot honey. Article 136

Spicy Watermelon Margarita and the Ultimate Bloody Mary: Not available to most people, these two new cocktails join the bar at the new Thrivent Club (formerly Delta). The watermelon fringe, with a slight spicy kick, was a favorite. Thrivent Club