May 19, 2024

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The Giants activate Evan Longoria, Jacob Jones from the injured list; Brandon Crawford, Mauricio Lovera put on IL

The Giants activate Evan Longoria, Jacob Jones from the injured list;  Brandon Crawford, Mauricio Lovera put on IL

The Giants announced a series of roster moves today, with a third baseman Evan Longoria And the right hand Jacob Jones Returning from my infected list for 10 days and 15 days, respectively. Longoria and Younes will replace other players Brandon Crawford He was put on IL for 10 days due to knee inflammation, right side Mauricio Lovera He was placed on IL for 15 days for grade 2 flexor stress.

Crawford just came back a few days ago from another 10 day absence due to this knee pain, and the manager Gaby Kapler He stated at the time that Crawford had bothered his knee for most of the season. Given the irritating nature of the injury and the fact that Crawford was quickly sidelined again, it’s probably safe to guess that the short strike will only miss 10 days this time around. As the All-Star break approaches, the four days of rest will take up a significant portion of IL’s time for both Crawford and Llovera.

A longer absence appears to be fitting for Llovera, and the 2022 season will likely be over, depending on how well he can recover from the more significant stress. Right was injured in last night’s game, after throwing 1 2/3 innings in a San Francisco 8-5 win over the Brewers.

Llovera has a 4.41 ERA on 16 1/3 frames, with a particularly rough run (four runs on 1/3 of a stroke) against the Mets on May 23 which is a lot of ERA damage. Now in his third MLB season and first with the Giants, Llovera has been moved up and down Triple-A multiple times this year.

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Junis missed five weeks with a hamstring strain and will now take Llovera’s place in the Bullpen while he is configured for more rotation work. Junis had a 2.63 ERA over the first 48 rounds (starting seven of his nine games) before going in IL for 15 days, and the Giants would need similar quality in their rotation now. Anthony Disclavani he is Went for this season.

A left-leaning slasher strain has kept Longoria out of action for at least 10 days, and the veteran baseball third will now be hoping to finally have a healthy baseball streak for the rest of the season. Longoria had already had to delay his 2022 debut until May 11 due to finger surgery, but he did well while he was available, coming in at .242/.331/.462 with eight of Homer on 151 board appearances.

With Longoria and Crawford back off the pitch, the Giants will once again roam around their diverse mix. Longoria will return to his regular third base position, and Thiro Estrada Characters to have the most playtime in the shortstop. David Villar Numbers also to switch between second and third base, and Wilmer Flores He will continue to have regular employment as a designated hitter, second hitter, and part-time first officer.