May 28, 2023

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The horror of the meal on the plane as a “severed head of a snake” was found in an airplane dish

The horror of the meal on the plane as a "severed head of a snake" was found in an airplane dish

A flight attendant was feeding her meal on the plane when they spotted something they definitely didn’t order in the dish – a severed snake head.

To give a whole new meaning to snakes on a plane, the accident reportedly occurred on a SunExpress flight from Ankara, Turkey to Dusseldorf, Germany on July 21, according to the aviation blog. One mile at a time.

A SunExpress employee claimed they were eating their crew’s meal when they found a small snake head among their potatoes and vegetables.

Photos of the onboard meal and the offending item were shared on a video taken by a Turkish news site Gazete Duvar.

A representative of SunExpress told the Turkish press that the incident was “totally unacceptable”, and that the airline had temporarily suspended its contract with the food supplier in question while the investigation was underway.

“With more than 30 years of experience in the aviation industry, it is our highest priority that the services we provide to our guests on board our aircraft are of the highest quality and that our guests and staff have a comfortable and safe flying experience,” the airline said in a statement.

“We would like to inform you that the allegations and posts in the press regarding the in-flight food service are totally unacceptable, and a detailed investigation has been launched into this matter.”

However, the catering company that supplied the meal vehemently denied that it originated from its facilities.

The meal plate on the plane, pictured next to a close-up of the offending item

(Youtube/Gazette Duvar)

A spokesperson for Sancak Inflight Services said: “SunExpress Airlines is an important customer in our country and is a popular airline in Europe, which recently decided to expand its fleet and network. They again announced a tender for catering services on board.

“We didn’t use any of the foreign things that were supposed to be in the food when cooking (due to the technical and thermal conditions used in the onboard catering facilities).”

The UFOs in your in-flight meal are the stuff of nightmares, but the head of the snake isn’t the only one that appears in a Chinese meal at 35,000 feet.

In 2019, a passenger on a Singapore Airlines plane was eating his meal When he bites off something unexpected: a tooth that doesn’t belong to him.

In the same year, a passenger on an Air India flight from Bhopal to Mumbai Discover a large cockroach at breakfast.

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