December 7, 2023

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The Israeli Ministry of Defense confirmed the purchase of a third squadron of F-35 Adir

The Israeli Ministry of Defense confirmed the purchase of a third squadron of F-35 Adir

The Ministry of Defense and the Israel Defense Forces have decided to purchase a third squadron of fifth-generation F-35 Adir fighter jets. Advertising, this Today was carried out through various social networks of the Department of DefenseConfirming Israel’s interest in continuing to increase its aviation capabilities with a fifth-generation fighter jet manufactured by Lockheed Martin.

According to the ministry’s statement, Israel will purchase a new batch of 25 F-35 Adir from the US government. “… Upon completion of the transaction, the number of world’s most advanced stealth aircraft operated by the Israel Air Force will be expanded to 75…” The report clarified.

“Upon approval by the Secretary of Defense, the US Department of Defense Acquisition Office will issue a formal acquisition solicitation, with the intent of completing approval and signature of the transaction in the coming months.”Israel’s Ministry of Defense said.

In its press release, the Defense Ministry also provided details on the acquisition costs and the impact on the local defense sector. “…the scope of the agreement is estimated at about 3 billion dollars (from US aid funds). As part of the original agreement between the governments, Lockheed Martin, the plane’s maker, and Pratt & Whitney, the engine maker, agreed to share production of F-35s sold to countries that would fit them with Israeli companies. The new agreement will allow US companies to continue their commitment to cooperate with Israeli industries in the production of aircraft parts…”.

It should also be remembered that the Israeli Air Force is acquiring 25 Boeing F-15EX Eagle II fighter-bombers as a project. The Israeli government fulfilled formal interest last January, with a request submitted to Washington with the intention of the IAF joining the aforementioned number of F-15EXs in the initial phase of a more ambitious program. The core of Israel’s F-15 Eagle fleet today is made up of aircraft that have been in service for decades but have been continuously upgraded over the years.

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Cover image. Credit: Israeli Air Force – Amit Agronov

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