March 29, 2023

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The Last of Us’ Pedro Pascal stars in the bizarre Merge Mansions commercial

When Pedro Pascal is not busy acting The last of us And The MandalorianAnd or be my dadHe solves a very bizarre murder mystery in a mobile game. Yes, Pascal has joined in Merge the palace universe, stars in the latest ad for the mobile game.

The cinematic advert is called “Twisted Game,” with Pascal playing Detective Tim Rockford. Let me back up a bit before explaining why a mobile game needs a detective: Merge the palace It is basically a match 3 puzzle game. There are a few stories that happen in between the separate puzzles, but the gist of it is that Merge the palace He has a mystery about his grandmother. Now, forget about the game completely; Merge the palace It’s also a cinematic universe made up of live-action shorts that built a mystery around the game, which centers around two characters, Maddie and Grandma Ursula.

Maddie appears at the honorary mansion on her wedding day, left at the altar by her future husband. Grandma Ursula hands her the keys to the mansion Maddy has been tasked with repairing (through a match-3 game). During the short films (which were animated before developer Metacore went live) we learn more about Granny’s secrets. All of this is told through these ads outside the game, which are becoming increasingly disjointed. Kathy Bates stars in One where she rotates the statue’s nipples to open a secret passage, which appears to have been cleaned out Merge the palaceYouTube channel.

The good news is if you lose, Pascal Merge the palace The ad is a compendium of it all – a family, a mansion, and lots of knives. It includes Merge the palaceThe infamous arrest scene of Grandma Ursula, where she sticks her hand to the cop’s car window with a message: he is alive.

But look, don’t try to understand everything – not even how this bizarre mobile game got Pascal to advertise. (Hint: it’s a lot of money. Besides Merge the palace earned from 2 million active players, It raised nearly $180 million in funding in 2021.) You are supposed to be confused. Just enjoy Pascal. Something tells me that not even Pedro can solve this puzzle.

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