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The law for grandchildren: 4 social benefits for Spanish citizens

The law for grandchildren: 4 social benefits for Spanish citizens

Descendants of the Spaniards receive Spanish citizenship Thanks for the new one Democratic Memory ActPopularly known as Grandchildren Act, want Equal rights A citizen by birth Spain. Therefore, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of dual-citizen Spaniards are not only able to vote. Access Financial assistance and health care.

According to him State Employment Public Service (SEPE) and The National Social Security Agency Spanish, recently naturalized people can access these benefits through the Descendants Act Two years later purchased Dual citizenship.

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It should be remembered that Grandchildren Act allows Sons Y Grandchildren of those born in Spain Y He was deported when Francoism They can be beneficiaries of Spanish citizenship directly without having to reside in the country for a certain minimum period. Before this, only children of Spanish citizens could apply.

Law for grandchildren: social benefits for Spanish citizens

According to the Spanish government, that The newly nationalized people They have to create a record Spain to do Accessibility benefitsBoth contribution and welfare.

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1. Minimum Vital Income

Those Argentine descendants with Spanish and dual nationality can claim one of the benefits Minimum essential income (IM V). To access the benefit provided by the Spanish Social Security, you must:

  • Be 1 year legal residency in Spain At least before submission Request. Depending on the number of family members, help is available between them 491.6 and 1,189 euros per month.
  • passes through a Economic impact situation. They cannot get IMV Those earning more than €17,698.80 per year.
  • This requirement is excluded for victims of trafficking, women victims of gender-based violence, and minors connected through adoption, birth or family reunification.

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2. Disability and non-contributory retirement

A. to get Non-contributory disability or retirement pension Want:

  • want Lived in Spain At the very least Five yearsto get Disability benefit. At least get 105 euros and max 531 Euros.
  • want lived At the very least 10 yearsA non-contributory pension can be accessed 105 to 490 euros.
  • want Justifies the lack of income.

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3. Birth and schooling

According to the government of Spain, people a Birth of two or more children They can receive direct assistance if they are legally resident in Spain.

  • Help is coming Payment of 12,000 Euros If they adopt or give birth to four or more minors.
  • If the person is working in Spain, they also have dBenefits during pregnancy and of lactationIn case of danger.

On the other hand, these minors will have rights Training grants and scholarships From the second year of school.

4. Health care

  • Upon becoming Spanish, descendants of immigrants are protected by the public health system. This benefit applies to residents or non-residents of Spain.


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