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The model’s crime: a boyfriend, 2 thousand dollars and a “death contract” when leaving a hotel in Recoleta

The model’s crime: a boyfriend, 2 thousand dollars and a “death contract” when leaving a hotel in Recoleta

Early Friday morning March 9, 1990Captain of the Navy Carlos de Nucci And her boyfriend Ana Maria Blasi They left a temporary shelter in Recoleta and were hit by bullets. Two projectiles hit the woman and killed her instantly, leaving her open A conspiracy of imaginations It, to this day, has not lost its mystery.

That summer, just before her own crime, Ana María contacted an ex-convict to hire her as a hitman at a bar in San Martin because her “boyfriend” was a high-ranking naval officer. He was infected with AIDS. That would have prompted his death sentence First in a series of lies He got involved in the case.

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Assassin in the Shadows

On the night of her murder, Ana Maria and Di Nucci went to the Acapulco de Recoleta hotel room. But they didn’t have sex. According to the history of the time, he wanted End the relationship They kept it a secret to go on a trip to France with their partner.

Ana Maria was 42 years old at the time, but she took advantage of her youthful appearance and was fourteen years old. Also provided Daughter of a accountant from Luxembourg and claimed to be a model. But despite not having a single record linking her to the business, when her boyfriend told her she was leaving, she threatened to get on the same plane under the pretext of a parade in Paris.

The exchange of words between the two lasted for 25 minutes At 11:07 PM they left the hotel They started walking in the direction of Puerreton Avenue, when suddenly something came out of the shadows and pounced on them. He tried to take her purse at gunpoint For the girl.

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It is not known whether or not there was a struggle between De Nucci and the alleged thief. The truth is Five shots were fired, After that she fell to the ground badly wounded, and the captain of the fleet, who had received a bullet, but in the leg, called for help, and he shouted for immediate treatment: “This girl is the daughter of the Count of Luxembourg!”.

Two guards from the United Kingdom embassy heard him, rushed to the scene and subdued the killer. With a portfolio by Ana Maria Blasi in your hands.

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Juan Martin Coleman, a man of almost 50 years He spent 28 years in prison And not long ago he regained his freedom. When she was transferred to the 19th police station, an ambulance took the woman to Fernandes Hospital, where she died shortly after admission.

“Death Contract”

Not robbery or accidental murder. When they took his statement, Coleman promised The victim searched for him A few days ago he hired him to kill her and her lover Di Nucci.

“A few days ago the woman came to see me and hired me to kill them. The man was a high-ranking officer in the Navy and he told me he was suffering from AIDS,” the ex-convict said, few words. And he added: “He said because he had already signed the death warrantShe was going to take him with her.

Always based on Coleman’s story, Ana Maria agrees A kind of cruel date, He told him the time and place where he should meet them, and gave him 2 thousand dollars in return. Later, as a token of his goodwill, he gave him an advance of 200 in the same meeting and assured him that the rest would be found in his wallet after completing his work.

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The accused declared that Blassey had accepted the job proposed to him, and admitted showing up at the agreed place, but said that his sole purpose was to steal the purse. Escape with the dollars without killing anyone. He made it clear that he was not a murderer. But the robbery is complicated because the man lunges at her, and when she doesn’t drop her wallet, he fires a gun.

On March 9, 1990, Ana Maria Plassi and Carlos De Nucci were shot. (Photo: TN Capture).

Bullets of irony and other evidence of incredible history

Juan Martin Coleman, expendable and acquitted More than half of his life in prison, Judged Two out of five scenarios He was hanged that night. In that respect, Ballistic Expertise proved him right, as not just inside the drum of his revolver Three shells remainedBut also, They do not match the model and capacity Bullets were found in the body of the deceased.

On the other hand, the testimony of the owner of the bar “Los Gonzalo” in San Martin also supported his story, as the man admitted that he saw him talking to the suspect “on his premises.”A tall, blonde woman with an unusual resemblance with the victim.”

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Another point in favor of Coleman’s alibi Eighteen hundred dollars Investigators found it in one of the inside pockets of the murdered woman’s purse.

All the pieces seemed to fit the hypothesis of a crime for hire, and when the results of the analyzes were known, only the alleged contagion of a terminal illness collapsed.. Neither Blassey nor De Nucci were infected.

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Juan Martin Coleman was convicted of the Recoleta crime. (Photo: TN Capture).

The mystery and punishment of the second shooter

Amid all the complications of the case, both the victim’s defense and Coleman’s defense agreed on one point: the presence of a second shooter. According to prosecutors, at least one person besides Coleman fired at the couple The highest part of the tomb wall de la Recoleta, in front of the temporary shelter.

This is what they recommended direction and route One of the bullets received by the woman and the other that wounded her companion, and An intact rifle bullet, the Winchester model, which was found near Plassey’s head. However, there was insufficient evidence to support the theory, much less identify the second suspect.

Finally, justice Coleman was sentenced to life in prison And the conviction was later confirmed by the Second Chamber of the Crime Chamber. In arguments of motion, they suggested that data emerged from the defendant’s statement “which would indicate prior knowledge of Blassey and Coleman.”

remember me

It came to light only after the case was closed De Nucci made the trip About this he spoke to Ana Maria and his traces were firmly lost on the European continent. Meanwhile, Coleman served his sentence Without acknowledging the author of crime.

After passing through different prison units, Coleman was released from prison in 2010 and is no longer in the news. In one of the last interviews he gave to the media, the famous police journalist TN And Thirteen Enrique Sdrech, revealed: “I hope you remember Tito Coleman“Let them remember all that I have reported, and no one wants to hear.”