April 13, 2024

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The new and improved Nitro Deck+ for Switch has been announced, and pre-orders are live

The new and improved Nitro Deck+ for Switch has been announced, and pre-orders are live

Following the release of the Nitro Deck last year, premium brand CRKD has now announced the 'Nitro Deck+– Compatible with Switch OLED as well as the original model. Aside from the 'zero drift', this new and improved model comes with a 'range of new features' to enhance the overall experience.

These include improved ergonomics (including adjusting the position of the right joystick), the ability to now dock to a TV without an external dock, a built-in USB-C output and it comes with a USB-C to HDMI adapter. There are also two new 'Sidekick' buttons that allow for 'ultra-quick launch' and there is a new 'Easy Eject System' for removing the tablet.

Additionally, there's also an 'enhanced and adjustable' rattle system and Bluetooth – making it compatible with the CRKD app for firmware updates. This application will provide a “full range of customization options” from trigger and button programming. CRKD also points out how “the Nitro Deck+ can connect via a virtual wired USB-C connection or via Bluetooth when the Switch is inserted into the deck.”

If you need a quick rephrase, here's a quick breakdown of the points courtesy of official PR:

  • Ergonomically designed with all-new thumbstick placement
  • Stickless drifting is made possible via Hall effect sensors
  • HDMI output for TV operation (Play while docked)
  • Remappable back buttons
  • Programmable sidekick buttons
  • Trigger sensitivity is adjustable
  • Low latency response (Direct connection via USB-C)
  • Bluetooth connection (To update the firmware via the app)
  • Interchangeable stick tops
  • Adjustable vibration feedback
  • The gyroscope is compatible with motion control games
  • There is no dead zone mode
  • Turbo mode (Add Turbo functionality to any action or trigger button)
  • Transit shipping feature
  • Use as an additional controller
  • Easy ejection system
  • Integrated display stand
  • Connects to the CRKD Companion application (Real assembly system)

In our review of the original Nitro Deck here on Nintendo Life, we were mostly impressed with what it had to offer. Pre-orders for the new model are now available in 'Clear Black' and 'Clear White' colors for $69.99 / €79.99 / £69.99 It is expected to ship inLate April 2024“.

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