December 1, 2023

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Google Calendar is getting better at handling travel-heavy workdays

Google Calendar is getting better at handling travel-heavy workdays

Great for hybrid work and mobile salespeople

Google Calendar is a versatile workspace utility that gives you time management tools for peak productivity, while doubling as a silent announcement system that informs your colleagues of your availability. Now, another option is choosing to advertise your business website during specific parts of the day. Here’s how it can be useful.

Google Workspace customers have enjoyed support for adding files Opening times and locations to Google Calendar since 2021. However, the options are restricted — you can only select a default work location, or select where you will be for a day or range of days. There’s no way to tell others that you’ll be in different places at different times of a given day, until now.


the Latest added feature to the calendar Allows you to specify the time frames during which you will be at a particular place. This can be very useful if you have a mobile job, or if you work with teams that are located in different buildings in the same complex. Frequent travelers may also find this feature useful, as it makes it easier for colleagues to understand when you may be available for in-person interactions.

This is especially important in the current scenario where companies are operating in a hybrid setup. Moreover, Google has a straightforward option to set your business website preferences to repeat itself at specified intervals. If you’re visiting a client at another location besides the office every Tuesday afternoon, you only need to tell Google Calendar once.

This capability is limited to Enterprise, Education and Nonprofit-tier Workspace customers. Unfortunately, personal Gmail accounts are not included. It’s already rolling out and will reach all eligible users by the end of the month — July 29th, to be exact.

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