April 17, 2024

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The next generation Nissan GT-R and Z have been confirmed

The next generation Nissan GT-R and Z have been confirmed

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  • The GT-R and Nissan Z won't leave the Nissan lineup, but they're changing.

  • Although it is still under development, Nissan says the changes will not affect performance.

  • It will be some time before new versions of these sports cars are available.

Performance car enthusiasts can relax because the Nissan GT-R and Nissan Z haven't been killed off yet. At the 2024 New York Auto Show, the news was confirmed by Nissan North America's Senior Vice President and Chief Planning Officer, Bonz Pandikuthira.

It may be a while before Nissan transforms both cars to fit its evolving lineup, but they will certainly have a place. Right now, the current GT-R is about to reach the end of the line after 16 years. Production continues for model year 2025 with several special editions to mark the occasion. These include the Takumi and Skyline, which pay homage to previous GT-R models.


An electric GT-R?

What comes next is still in development, but Nissan says it will still be a GT-R, even if it's not quite the same. Possible updates include switching to electricity, which would be a big change. However, other than the need to stop and charge, the electric GT-R will not represent a performance compromise.

While the company decides what direction it will take with the sports car dubbed Godzilla, it is working with Formula E to test potential scenarios. It will ride on a new platform, but it won't lose what makes the GT-R special. This includes bold design and, according to Nissan senior vice president Alfonso Albaisa, distinctive quad taillights. However, it may look a little different because the design is not yet complete.

Nissan GT-R Nismo 2024 specifications



The electric Nissan GT-R comes with a wild design

The successor to the Nissan GT-R is expected to arrive by 2030.

Another car that will stay a little longer is the Nissan Z. The current model is only two years old, so it will take some time before major changes appear. The current powertrain will likely remain unchanged for the rest of this generation as it meets current emissions regulations.

The new Z could be a completely new design as it has been in years past, or it could simply be an upgraded version of the existing design. What can be certain is that it will maintain the Z's long history of being a high-performance car.

Nissan GR R Nismo 2024 4 wheels
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