February 24, 2024

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The Pentagon confirmed that an Iranian drone struck a merchant ship near India.

The Pentagon confirmed that an Iranian drone struck a merchant ship near India.
Pentagon confirms drone “fired from Iran” hit merchant ship near India (Europe Press)

He pentagon The merchant ship associated with Israel that was attacked earlier this Saturday was, in fact, The attack was carried out by a drone Expelled from Iran”. It is a Chem Pluto ship, flying the Liberian flag, operated by a Dutch company and associated with Tel Aviv interests.

The episode occurred around 10:00 local time, and although there were no casualties on board, it caused a fire that was extinguished a few minutes later. The incident took place 200 nautical miles off the coast of India, which is free of US naval vessels.

Immediately, the New Delhi Navy responded to the plea for help and dispatched an aircraft that reached the ship and brought its crew to safety. A warship was also mobilized to provide necessary assistance and the US military “remains in contact as it continues towards its objective in India.”

This chapter was added with several attacks Yemen's Houthi rebels Launched on Israeli ships or ships attached to it Red Sea, in an effort to support the Palestinian people. Like the level and frequency of the attacks, earlier in the day, Washington blamed it Iran To be intimately involved in these maneuvers, Its relationship with drones, missiles and tactical intelligence provides these fighters. However, there are no known reports of direct attacks from Persian territory.

The US has long accused Iran of being behind Houthi maneuvers on ships sailing in the Red Sea (Europe Press).

“We know that Iran was deeply involved in planning operations against merchant shipping in the Red Sea. “This is Iran's long-term material support and encouragement of Houthi destabilization activities in the region,” National Security Council spokesman Adrian Watson warned, adding, “We have no reason to trust Iran to try to deter the Houthis from this behavior.”

That is why the United States Department of Defense recently coordinated efforts to counter this threat. More than 20 countries surgery “Guardian of Prosperity”Its purpose is to guarantee the safety of navigation at sea. In fact, several major shipping companies have announced that they will suspend their operations in those waters after their crew members were attacked due to the risk involved.

The United States Department of Defense has coordinated with more than 20 countries the “Guardian of Prosperity” operation to guarantee the safety of navigation at sea (Europa Press)

“Solid results have been achieved (…) and the United States will continue to consult with our allies and partners who share the fundamental principle of freedom of navigation, and we hope that alliance will continue to grow,” a Pentagon spokesman said. He commented while making the announcement. , Pot Ryder.

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“The Houthis didn't attack just one country, in fact, They attack the international community. “They attack the economic well-being and prosperity of countries around the world, so they become bandits on the international route of the Red Sea,” he added.

To defend the area, each country may contribute as it deems most appropriate by mobilizing ships, aircraft, military personnel or any other mechanism it deems appropriate.

(With information from AFP)