July 21, 2024

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The person who performed the pig heart transplant has a criminal record

The person who performed the pig heart transplant has a criminal record

The Doctors The university announced the process as an important step in helping more than 110,000 people who find themselves on the organ transplant surgery list each year receive timely help, where many die before undergoing surgery.

It is a revolutionary surgery and brings one step forward to solve the organ shortage crisis. There are not enough human donor hearts to fill the long list of potential recipients.The surgeon, Dr. Bartley P. Griffith, said in a statement.

Pig heart transplant surgery

The news certainly had a different connotation for Leslie Schumacher Downer, who was paralyzed by her brother Bennett during the 1988 attack on a Maryland bar. He told The Washington Post that he realized the importance of heart transplant surgery. , But do not see Bennett as a hero.

“Ed suffered,” Downey told the Post. “The tragedy and trauma my family has faced for years … Now (David Bennett) has got a second chance with a new heart, but I wish he had gone to the one who deserves it. Recipient”.

The University Medical Center said in a statement, “Not every patient goes through its doors based on their medical needs and their history or life circumstances … this patient is what we need most.” And a decision was made. His replacement eligibility was reported only on the basis of his medical records.

In most medical circles, Denial of medical assistance on the basis of one’s criminal record is considered unethical.

“Bennett was denied alternative surgery in previous hospitals for medical and non-medical reasons. His previous heart failure and irregular heartbeat disqualified him from certain previous surgeries. His previous history of not following a doctor’s orders. Said his son.

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Bennett’s son, David Bennett Jr., said his father never talked about his past and praised him for taking risks that could benefit the family. Science Medical. Facing his death at a Baltimore hospital this winter, Bennett Sr. began asking questions about whether there was an organ donor or other ways science could benefit if he died of heart disease.