November 30, 2023

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The photo of the Titan submarine exploding under the sea is false

The photo of the Titan submarine exploding under the sea is false

If you have a few seconds, read these lines:

  • The image in circulation is not real, it was created with artificial intelligence tools by an account that posts parodies.
  • The same account posted another false image linked to a video game controller on Titan.
  • Other misinformation regarding the accident was circulated and published Verified Before.

The US Coast Guard announced on June 22, 2023 The submarine Titan, en route to the remains of the Titanic, suffered a “catastrophic explosion” that killed 5 of its crew.. In that context, A photo of an alleged submarine under the sea went viral on Facebook. The posts read: “First pictures of the Titan submarine. (true)”. However, This is false: the image was generated by artificial intelligence.

The Facebook registration According to data provided by the social network, it has been shared more than 23,000 times.

Reverse image search lets you know that Originally posted on Twitter by the account “@prince_of_fakes”. (“Prince of Fake News”), with the following text: “BREAKING: Photo: Titanic Titanic underwater implosion debris field. Exploded”.

In the profile bio, they make it clear that their publications are mocks and contains a Link to parti.ia website, which is defined as: “A community of people who believe in the potential of artificial intelligence. Together, we are committed to learning about its benefits and risks so we can create a better world for all.”

Cheque He also posted an image created by artificial intelligence Caption of floating underwater video game controller: “Breaking News: Exploded Titanic underwater controller floating near surface.” Post links News that the submarine was controlled by a “modified video game controller”..

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This false information has also been verified British Fact Check Site Full Truth.

In the past few hours, various misinformation regarding the Titan submarine accident has been circulated, which has been published in this note. Verified.

This verification is part of Facebook’s third-party fact-checking initiative in Argentina. In photographs and videos, we work with fake images or images taken out of context and always analyze the images with the text they are presented with.