July 22, 2024

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The problem is with Jon Stewart ending up covering AI and China

The problem is with Jon Stewart ending up covering AI and China

Jon Stewart rips to host new political talk show after his passing Daily show One of Apple TV Plus’s biggest achievements was when The problem with Jon Stewart It was first Announced again in 2020. But before production began on the series’ third season, Stewart and Apple reportedly parted ways due to “creative differences.” the problem It’s coming to an end.

New York times Reports This is in addition to concerns about some of the guests who were booked to be there The problem with Jon Stewart, Stewart’s intentional discussions about AI and China were a major concern for Apple. Although filming of new episodes of the series was scheduled to begin in a few weeks, staff learned today that production has been halted.

according to Hollywood Reporterbefore the decision to terminate it the problem, Apple reached out to Stewart directly and expressed its need for the host and his team to “align” with the company’s views on the topics discussed. Instead of standing in line when Apple threatened to cancel the show, Stewart decided to withdraw.

We reached out to Apple for comment on the cancellation news but did not receive a response in time for publication.

timesThe report did not detail what the planned coverage of AI and China was, prompting Apple’s executive leadership to disagree with Stewart. But considering how much criticism was a big part of what was ultimately achieved The problem with Jon Stewart The great success of Apple TV Plus and how to maintain it Friendly relationship with China Critical to Apple’s future growth plans, it’s no surprise to see the offering reach the chopping block in this way.

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