June 18, 2024

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The scandal over Nazi-clad guards spread around the world: the international press reported this

The “Cultural Exchange” event took place last Thursday, November 18th Simon Bolivar Police School in Tulua Municipality, Valle del Cauca, provoked strong rejection by the international community of the use of Nazi Germany emblems by uniformed people.

According to a publication published on social media by the National Police, this was a cultural event in which Germany was the guest country. The problem is that many of the pictures show policemen in uniform with Nazi symbols, and even in one photo there is a person impersonating Adolf Hitler.

The German and Israeli embassies that confronted these images refused to apologize to Nazism. “Events like this are outrageous and directly hurt not only the Jews but all the victims of the Nazi regime and its perpetrators.”, They promised.

But the international press had a responsibility to report on what happened in that police school, not just in Colombia.

This was reported by the Swiss news website Blick.ch: “Police students shocked in Nazi disguise”.

In France, the truth was recorded. Hence the title France Info, A radio station: “Police coaches dressed as Nazis while paying tribute to Germany”.

He did the same France24, An international news subscription television channel, reported by the Colombian press. “Police celebrate Nazi outfits”, That was the headline.

Country of Spain He dedicated an article on what happened at the police school in Tulua: “An ‘academic’ event by the Colombian police ends with a swastika and Nazi uniforms”.

UK Public Television and Radio System, The BBCHe dedicated an article to the scandal that unleashed the event with the Nazi apology. This is how they titled it: “Tulua: Scandal over ‘educational event’ in Colombia, in which police used Nazi symbols and clothes”.

DWGermany’s international broadcasting service did its thing in the so-called “strange” scandal and spoke of the reputation of the Colombian police after the protests in April and May. The scandal is titled: “Police students pretend to be Nazis”.

Finally there is an article from one of the most influential newspapers in the United States. Washington Post They even consulted with experts about this kind of apology from the public.

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“What kind of police agency, what kind of state does not recognize fascism, or what bad Nazism does it recognize?”Federico Fingelstein, an educator at the New School of Social Research in New York, which studies fascism in Latin America, told the store. “The absence of any idea is part of an ideology that is not democratic.”

Title of the article: “Colombian police cadets disguised as Nazis for a cultural event, provoking outrage and apologizing to the President”.

Director General of the National Police of Colombia George Louis Vargas Placeholder ImageAnnounced on Friday Colonel George Fernie Bayona Sanchez, The man who ran the police school was called in to evaluate the services.

“In addition to the immediate replacement of the school director, he was called upon to qualify for services along with some administrative officersDisciplinary action will be taken as per law this afternoon In addition, administrative decisions will be made against some of the top officials in the education center, ”said General Vargas.

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