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The story of a betrayal | Comment

From Rio de Janeiro

Dora Maria Telles, “Comandante Dos”, the historian of the 1979 revolution that overthrew the dictatorship of the Somosa dynasty that had suffocated Nicaragua for decades, was sentenced to eight years in prison a few days ago. The case against her was a mockery: she was given four minutes to make a statement.

In the same investigation into another key figure in the missing Santinismo, Victor Hugo DinocoThe sentence was thirteen years.

The death of the commander was also recently known Hugo Torres, Who became a general during the Sandinista Army. He was arrested by the government Daniel Ortega.

One detail reveals perfectly well what kind of people Ortega became: Later, in 1979, Commander Torres and Dora spearheaded the operation to free the current dictator from Somochist prison.

Deportees and prisoners

During Sandinismo’s tenure – from the 1979 victory to the 1990 election defeat – there are many individuals of special importance. Deported, isolated or detained.

There was a thirst for power from the beginning The Ortega-Murillo duo became a brutal replica of the dictatorship of the Somosa dynasty.. If at first this realization opened a wound in my soul, now it closes me with anger.

Memories of the Revolution

I remember very well that it was Thursday, January 24, 1980. That was the day I first traveled to Santinista Nicaragua. Brought down the revolution Anastasio Somosa Exactly six months and five days.

Until then I had kept in touch with the writer at a distance Sergio RamirezI have remained with him a loving friendship to this day.

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I still remember the first impression of Sandinismo’s very long series of visits that ravaged that beautiful country for decades and dissolved the suffocating dynasty.

They were my youth, and I was able to interact a lot with many members of the government, along with a few foreigners whom we supported and tried to cooperate with.

At those informal meetings, at long dinners that lasted several hours, I was always on the side of more and more Sandinists with Daniel Ortega.

He appeared to me to be a closed-minded man, broken only once: in 1986, when he told me about his brother Camilo, he died in battle with Somosa’s forces when he was very young.. That day he told me he was 15 to 34 years old, Daniel had no home: he had disappeared and was wandering from one place to another.

For the first and only time in that stone image I felt something human.

Our last meeting with artists and intellectuals took place in Rio de Janeiro in the mid-1990s, a few months after the election defeat against Donna. Violet Zamoro.

Pinota and after

I will never go back to Nicaragua. I learned from afar about the “Pinata” that led some of them to become millionaires in Santinismo, one of Ortega’s highest personalities.

Together with other foreign friends who lived very close to the revolution, I admit that I was slowly accepting what was true.

Even in that aspect the traitors made round copies of Somocystas.

The revolution of the Sandinistas was the last revolution of my generation and, according to their model, may be the last in history..

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Many times we realized that they were taking the Nicaraguans so close that they could brush the sky with their hands to make impossible dreams come true.

I will forever cherish my memories of living in those years of hope, and it seemed like a real glow.

After the election defeat, Sandinismo began to be destroyed as a result of the brutal armed occupation carried out by Washington with the support of the most reactionary sections of Nicaragua.

It did not take long for a vicious, unforgivable betrayal of what was a living and beautiful revolution.

Another dynasty that was as perverse, false, and murderous as that belief that defeated the Somosa dynasty was victorious.

Since 2006, 16 years ago, the presidential couple has manipulated elections to stay in full power.

The worst traitor

Daniel is now leading that new dynasty He oppresses, persecutes and kills even young students like his brother Camilo When he was assassinated by a previous dynasty.

A traitor will always be a traitor, a bad and despicable person.

But there are traitors who are worse than this.

José Daniel Ortega Saavedra, with qualifications and intelligence, belongs to that second race.