February 24, 2024

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The terrorist group Hezbollah intensified its bombings in northern Israel: it launched 18 rockets against Rosh Hanigra.

The terrorist group Hezbollah intensified its bombings in northern Israel: it launched 18 rockets against Rosh Hanigra.
Many of them were intercepted by Iron Dome.

He Hezbollah terrorist groupSupported by Govt IranAt least this Wednesday was credited with the launch 18 rockets hit Rosh Hanigra, Israel.

Hizbullah said that its intention Israeli military position Close to the naval base in the area.

At the very least Six rockets were Iron Dome was intercepted by the air defense system. At this time, no injuries or damages have been reported.

Israel and Hezbollah They live High peak voltage Following their 2006 war Terrorist attacks by Hamas On October 7 on Israeli soil.

The Israeli army said this yesterday An anti-tank missile fired by Hezbollah injured nine soldiers while rescuing an injured civilian In another cross-border attack.

Israel and Hezbollah have been experiencing the highest level of tension since the 2006 war, following the brutal attacks by the Hamas terrorist group on Israeli soil on October 7. Europa Press/Contact/Ali Hashisho/Archive

Missile hit a Greek Orthodox Church In the village of IgritIsrael Defense Forces (IDF) noted.

Perched atop a hill, the church is located in the abandoned Palestinian Christian village of Ikrit, whose residents were forced to leave during the 1948 war and the creation of Israel.

Israeli government spokesperson Eilon LevyCondemned on social media Violates United Nations Security Council resolution After the war between the Shiite group and Israel in 2006, which hit civilian areas and religious sites, he demanded an evacuation from the border area.

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Hezbollah has lost more 100 fighters According to the armed group, in recent hostilities with Israel. when Eight soldiers and four civilians They died in the Jewish state.

An Israeli artillery unit fires during a military exercise in northern Israel on the border with Lebanon on November 2, 2023 – Ayal Margolin/Xinhua News/Contact Photo/File

Israel Yesterday it hit Shiite group positions in LebanonAfter launching from Lebanese territory Israeli anti-aircraft missileIt was not hit, and it was an anti-tank projectile that injured civilians.

IDF 200,000 soldiers Along its northern border, the violence has displaced thousands of people: some 80,000 have been driven from communities in northern Israel and more than 70,000 have fled southern Lebanon.

(With information from EFE and Reuters)