February 20, 2024

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The Israeli army advances towards central Gaza and closes in on the Hamas al-Burej battalion

The Israeli army advances towards central Gaza and closes in on the Hamas al-Burej battalion
The Israeli army advances in the center of Gaza and approaches Hamas' al-Burej battalion: “They will stop operating like other groups” (REUTERS)

Army Israel Move steadily on The center of the Gaza StripIts new purpose, while maintaining its functions South And this NorthIt also carries out cleaning works for the infrastructure of Hamas. In recent days, thanks to their successes in the heart of the Palestinian border, the Defense Forces have been able to locate important enemy strongholds and ensure their complete elimination as soon as possible.

“The brigades in the central camps are currently facing an IDF force. They will cease to function as other battalions have ceased to function,” assured Brigadier General Thado Bar Khalifa, commander of the 36th Division operating in the area.

It is one of these groups that the military seeks to eradicate Al-Burij, with about 1,000 fighters, operates in the center of the Strip. However, it is only one of four Hamas battalions there. The remaining three Deir Al Balah, Mahaji and NusiratAnd the damage has already been done in past Israeli attacks, including the one that killed Ayman Knofel, commander of these central camps.

The IDF continues its attacks to completely eliminate the four main battalions in the center of the Strip (EFE).

However, these attacks have not stopped large-scale continued operations, so the IDF is concentrating its efforts on resolutely nullifying them. Take full control of the region.

Thus, in the first hour of ground operations in al-Buraj, troops of the Bislamach Brigade were able to find a shaft that led to a tunnel with an entrance to an extensive network of underground passages that terrorists use to move undetected. A training camp was also identified.

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The news comes after intense fighting in the north and south of the region where the army struggled under tough conditions to neutralize the terrorists and eliminate the menace.

“The fight within Shejaiya They were difficult and complex, and during them we achieved important achievements. “Shejaya will no longer be a terror center for Hamas”One of the Hamas strongholds – the neighborhood celebrated Bar Khalifa – was the site of one of the biggest battles of the war's final weeks.

Israel is being attacked on seven fronts, six of which it has already responded to, Minister Gallant (IDF) said.

An elite infantry unit, the Golani Brigade, also identified, surrounded and raided the homes of several senior leaders of pro-Iranian militias, where key intelligence materials were found.

Despite these developments, the Defense Minister, Yoav GallantHe acknowledged that the situation is still complex and far from over.

“We are being attacked from seven different perspectives: Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, the West Bank, Iraq, Yemen and Iran.”, the official announced, noting that the army “has already responded and taken action in these six areas”. “Let me be as clear as possible: Anyone acting against us is a potential target, and no one is immune“He added in warning to Hamas and its allies in the region.

For his part, IDF chief Herzey Halevi said War “will continue for months to come” and “We will work with different methods so that our achievements can be maintained for a long time.”

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