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The Twins paused pursuit of Carlos Correa after the deal with the Giants evaporated

The Twins paused pursuit of Carlos Correa after the deal with the Giants evaporated

after dealing with San Francisco evaporatedAnd the Carlos Correa Again he was playing in twins Tuesday. But only for a while.

Before approving an amazing file 12-year, $315 million deal with the New York Mets Early Wednesday morning, Correa is again available to all of her suitors, including the twins.

After the San Francisco Giants postponed Korea’s preseason press conference on Tuesday morning, agent Scott Boras called the Twins to see if they had maintained interest in the shortstop. before Korea Gives them a “kick in the gut” When he picked the Giants on December 13, the Twins offered him a $285 million, 10-year deal.

When he called again on Tuesday, Boras told the twins that they needed to improve on their original show. Team sources said the Twins will not increase their bid, nor hold further discussions until they have a better understanding of the medical concerns that reportedly caused the collapse of Corea’s deal with the Giants.

Carlos Correa. (Brice Hemelgarn/Minnesota Twins/Getty Images)

With New York Mets owner Steve Cohen already showing interest, Boras quickly moved on from the Twins. Later that night, Correa accepted his contract with the Mets.

Given how much the twins fell through in the wake of Correa’s departure seven days ago, their decision not to take seriously Boras earlier this week is a huge turn.

The twins have been enamored with Correa since they signed him last March to a three-year, $105.3 million deal, which Shortstop opted out of in November. From the beginning, Korea Twins impressed On the field and in the club. Not only did his physical skill set make them a better club by giving them a dynamic player in a key position, he made the Correa Twins even more so. Smart teamis very.

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With the rest of the team falling apart in August and September, Correa did his best to keep the Twins. From August 1, Correa has produced a . 900 OPS on 256 plate appearances. It was a solid finish to the campaign in which Corea batted .291/.366/.467 with 22 home runs and 64 RBIs. Overall, the Correa is rated at 4.9 WAR.

While their best bid ended up being $65 million less than the original winning bid in San Francisco, it was the highest bid the Twins had ever made, and one team official believed it showed their desire to keep Korea.

But just a week later, with another take supposedly on Korea, the twins paused.

They wanted a reassessment after an Associated Press report Tuesday said Correa’s submission had been delayed when a “medical concern arose” during his physical. The Giants released a statement on Wednesday saying they had a “difference of opinion about the results of Carlos’ physical examination.”

As much as the Twins hoped to retain Correa, a team source said the club haven’t had the chance to thoroughly examine him since his original physical in March. The only extended check Corea received during the season was when he was believed to have broken his finger on May 5 after being hit by a pitch in Baltimore.

No check was made following a Sept. 20 contest in which Correa appeared to be injured after a hard slide to second base, according to a team source. After being sent off, Correa lay on the ground for a long time before finally getting up on his own and walking off the field. Correa remained in the game.

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That night, he told reporters he was fine after having a brief relationship scare Surgically repaired right lower leg.

“It hit my plate,” Corea said, referring to the devices in his leg. “I had surgery and it hit. Just kind of numb. Shaking. So I’d wait for it to subside. It was a little scary, but when I moved I knew I was good.”

Correa appeared in 12 of the team’s next 13 games and went on to bat, hitting .319/.373/.468.

While the Twins cleared Corea medically for a three-year deal in March, the team needed a new physical to pave the way for a 10-year deal. Concerns about Corea’s ankle in the wake of the failed Giants deal may have given the Twins reason to slow their pursuit.

Not because they have a long time.

During their negotiation Tuesday, Cohen increased his original offer 12 years, $288 million on $27 million.

And just like that, the Korea twins lost for the second time.

(Top photo: Joe Robbins/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)