June 3, 2023

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The unpunished march of successful men from the Sinaloa cartel: they even broke into a vegetable shop

The Sinaloa Cartel bases its armed forces in the north of the country, such as Chihuahua and Zacatecas, where it has dominated for decades.

The Marching with impunity of murderers The Sinaloa Cartel This is shown in its greatest splendor in areas in the north of the country where they exercise criminal dominance, such as Sierra Dell. golden triangle And companies that are disputing against sections.

In the past few hours, various videos have been going viral Norco’s reliable protectionduring the day Highway check posts or casually, Pantry inventory. Another post shows them enjoying their appearance Fight scenes A small plane flying a few meters away from the audience.

Presumably, these interventions are in the municipality Guadalupe and Bald, Chihuahuaas well as nearby Zacatecaswhere is he The Sinaloa Cartel It has been involved in the drug war since the middle 2020 against their bitter rivals Jalisco is the new generation cartel (CJNG).

In another piece of clips shared on social networks, a hitman MZ Operative They brag about hiding one of their demons in the undergrowth. It was a hand-made armored vehicle that was covered by branches in a wooded area, and apparently, it was not detected in the air.

The Sinaloa Cartel maintains its armed forces in the north of the country in areas such as Chihuahua and Zacatecas.

One thing that stands out from the video footage is the firepower they have at their mercy, as well Tactical equipment It protects them. to the point of leveling off small ArmyThe same black, white and gray camouflage uniform, like clothing National Guard.

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Very much New people what HeFor functional MZ of Group of arrows Armed with shock cells used during raids, plaza disputes or surveillance of drug trafficking routes, they act as adjuncts to criminal lieutenants who rule at the regional level.

In the first video, the subject of the pictures shows the long weapon he is holding and immediately approaches the demon and wraps around it and shows a metal shell. On the back is the distinctive logo of Commanded Cell Ismail Zambada Garcia, The MaySupreme Leader of The Sinaloa Cartel Never been to jail.

Then, at another point, appears than 20 armed men On the side of a road in a rural area, near some pine trees. There are undergarments with markings on the line like a magazine pass ArmyAmmunition, helmets and behind them at least three trucks Pick up.

The Sinaloa Cartel maintains its armed forces in the north of the country in areas such as Chihuahua and Zacatecas.

The members of the can be seen in the second entry The Sinaloa Cartel They walked into a vegetable stall in the middle of the day, while other people bought things from the basic food basket. The subjects walk in the direction of the groceries without fear or big threats between the apples and more vegetables.

The third clip reveals what the members look like New people In a show designed to showcase piloting skills, they see a plane passing by a few meters away. They wear undergarments with the criminal group’s legend and the number 283, a key to their territorial command in society. PainsMunicipality Guadalupe and Bald.

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The Gente Nueva group obeys the Sons JOAQUIN GUZMAN LORA, The ShortKnown in the party as let’s eat me Juvenile. The group is made up of four brothers: Ivan Archivaldo Y Alfred Guzman Salazar, as well Ovid Y Joaquin Guzmán López denies various transfer routes to Mexico’s northern border.

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