June 16, 2024

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Fears of a runoff in Brazil are growing among candidates

Fears of a runoff in Brazil are growing among candidates
FILE PHOTO: A man walks past banners bearing photos of Brazil’s presidential candidates Jair Bolsonaro, Ciro Gomez and Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva in Rio de Janeiro on September 1, 2022 (Reuters)

In elections like Brazil’s, it increasingly resembles a final World Cup Because of their polarization, the first and second rounds have now become situations where the final outcome can change, depending on the strategy adopted, at least that’s what the candidates think. Like a football game, both are the current president Jair Messia Bolsonaro As its main competitor, Luis Inacio Lula da SilvaAlthough for different reasons, they are afraid to go to penalties, that is, to the second round.

Although the last survey of DatafolhaPublished yesterday, see how Lula is solid at 47% and Bolsonaro at 33%. The Labor Party (PT) fears that anything can happen in those 28 days, it will flare up and political violence will increase, the electoral process will be threatened and Lula Take a wrong step. In short, any benefits are feared to be cumulative Lula Disperses in support Bolsonaro.

The former president has also sent a letter to Pope FranciscoIt will be presented by the senator in the coming days Eduardo SuppliesPT’s. Lula Call the Popedear friendAnd thanks for the letter he received while he was a prisoner CuritibaBut the second round “That’s a risk” and will be ”We want to guarantee our investment in case of success”. However, step Eurasian groupDuring those 28 days the risk of a coup d’état that would undermine Brazilian democracy was exaggerated. Brazil Power is not centralized in management. Last year, Vice President and Gen Hamilton Mauro He calmed the furore by saying that even if the proposed paper ballot was not approved (along with the current electronic voting), no one would block the election.Brazil is not a banana republic“, said.

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One final important point, however Second round This continues the so-called dispersion of election polls, which often present distinct gaps between the two candidates, and fuel expectations on both sides. This can increase frustration Bolsonaro pro In case of success Lula First lap and trigger Fraud screams With a possible scenario of protests and conflicts. In an interview with a Brazilian television network S.P.T A few days ago, the President Brazil If he does not win more than 60% of the votes in the first round “Something unusual” must have happened in High Election Court (TSE), fueling the spirit of fraud.

The Brazilian left, for its part, fears not voting above all else. Especially in the suburbs, where Lula It has a good turnout. Even inside Brazil You can vote from the age of 16 and voting from the age of 18 is compulsory. In the 2018 elections, 20% of Brazilians did not vote, which is already higher than in previous years. In February, too High Election Court It registered more than 830 thousand new voters against 1.4 million during the same period in 2018. A TSE campaign on social networks, called “Rolê das Eleições”. (Part of Elections), enabled 96,425 16- to 17-year-olds to register to vote for the first time in their lives in one week.

Eduardo Saplici brought him a letter from Lula da Silva to Pope Francis (Twitter)
Eduardo Saplici brought him a letter from Lula da Silva to Pope Francis (Twitter)

The PT He also tried to stimulate the vote with campaigns that could appeal to the youth with Brazilian artists such as the singer Anita And even the stars Hollywood what Mark Ruffalo Y Leonardo DiCaprio. “Brazil is home to the Amazon and other important ecosystems for climate change. What happens there affects us all and your vote is essential to a healthy planet,” DiCaprio wrote in a tweet in April Bolsonaro. “Better for DiCaprio to shut up than talk nonsenseThe President had commented. However, the campaign had its effect and in May the TSE It announced that 2.04 million new voters had registered on that date. However, the fear is that the effect of one tweet may not last long enough to push young people to vote in a second round.

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Lula is also invited to win the first round “Help” vote, that is, he is trying to attract votes to himself that would otherwise go to other candidates. Main objective Lula This is Cyrus Gomezof Democratic Labor PartyThird candidate in poll with 7% voting intention and dislike of candidate’s action PT. “What are fascism on the right and fascism on the left doing in Brazil?Ciro said in an interview with the newspaper State of Sao Paulo“Yes, there is left-wing fascism in Brazil, led by the PT, that wants to dramatically simplify the debate and destroy any alternative. It is a tragedy for Brazil”. So Gums Support Lula And abandoning his candidacy, many Latin American leftists intervened with an open letter Venezuela A Boliviaincluding former President of Ecuador Rafael Correa and Nobel Peace Prize winner Argentina Adolfo Perez Esquivel. “Despite your intentions you cannot do good,” says the card, “your chances of success are nil. You still have time to make amends, Ciro.

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