April 13, 2024

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The US has expressed its support for the protesters, warning that the protests in Cuba reflect a desperate situation.

The US has expressed its support for the protesters, warning that the protests in Cuba reflect a desperate situation.
Cubans demand freedom and better living conditions

America cause of protests in Cuba to one “Desperate Situation” A State Department spokesman said on Monday that the accusations of intervention were absurd because of the blackouts and food shortages.

“The United States is not behind these protests in Cuba, the accusation is absurd,” he told reporters. Vedant Patel After the charge of the US Embassy in Havana, Benjamin Ziff, He was called to the President's House.

Deputy Minister Carlos Fernandez de Cocio The Cuban Foreign Ministry said in a statement that Ziff was “formally informed” of the US government's “firm rejection” of meddling behavior and defamatory messages regarding the internal affairs of Cuba.

Hundreds of people protested in Santiago de Cuba, in the east of the island, on Sunday after electricity was cut off. Up to 13 hours a day and due to lack of food.

It was one of the largest days of anti-government protests on record in Cuba July 11, 2021According to Neuvitas (2022) and Caimanera (2023) high number of resistances in decades.

“I think what we're seeing is a reflection of the desperate situation on the island,” a State Department spokesman said.

Cubans also protested in Bayamo

Washington added, “We urge the Cuban government to desist from violence and unjust arrests, and to respect the right of Cuban citizens to peaceful assembly.”

“The United States supports the Cuban people in exercising their right to peaceful assembly,” he expressed on social networks. Brian Nichols, Charge d'Affaires for Latin America.

“Until the Cuban government embraces democracy and the rule of law and respects the rights of its citizens, it cannot meet the needs of its people,” Nichols said.

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There was a lot of power outages this weekend Fuel shortage.

Cuba estimates that the situation will improve if the United States removes it from the list of sponsors of terrorism, which would hamper the island's trade transactions and investments.

Leader of the Democratic Party Barack Obama He was removed from the list in 2015, but was reinstated at the end of the Republican term. Donald Trump. His successor, the Democratic Party Joe Biden, Obama's Vice President kept it to himself. Also, Cuba is under Economic blockade In America for more than six decades.

Cuba has been mired in crisis for more than three years. Severe economic crisis Shortages of basic commodities, rampant inflation, prolonged daily blackouts, and growing dollarization led to unprecedented migration and strong social unrest.

Blackouts have worsened in the past two months due to outages of outdated Soviet-made plants and fuel shortages, with blackout rates of up to 45% during peak demand times. These failures add up to more than 10 hours a day in many provinces of the country.

Epidemic COVID-19The tightening of US sanctions and endogenous errors in economic and monetary policies have exacerbated the Cuban system's structural problems over the past three years.

(With information from AFP and EFE)