February 27, 2024

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The US retaliated against an attack by Houthi rebels on an oil tanker in the Red Sea

The US retaliated against an attack by Houthi rebels on an oil tanker in the Red Sea
US responds to Houthi rebels’ attack on oil tanker in Red Sea (EUROPA PRESS/ARCHIVE)

America This Wednesday he confirmed his response Paralysis Run by Shia rebels The Houthis It contains Red Sea Against A Tanker ship the flag Marshall Islands and perished drone It was launched from insurgent territory without any casualties, the report said on Thursday Central Command of America.

“On December 13 at around 08:30 local time, in the south Red SeaHe Guided Missile Destroyer ‘Arleigh-Burke class USS Mason (DDG 87)’ responded to a distress call from an American flag tanker Marshall IslandsArdmore Junction‘, which was attacked by troops The Houthis. These forces first tried to solve it Oil By Skiffs” the source said in a statement.

Rebels Yemeniswhose motion is supported Iran“They shot a couple Missiles “against the ship” by failing to board the ship, but “they did not hit their target,” the note says.

Arleigh-Burke-class guided missile destroyer USS Mason (DDG 87) responds to distress call of Marshall Islands-flagged tanker Ardmore Encounter (EUROPA PRESS).

While responding to the tanker’s distress call, the destroyer “Shot down the unmanned aerial vehicle” was also launched from controlled areas The Houthis It went “directly” at the American destroyer and was “shot down.” Defense”.

“There were no injuries to the crew or damage to any of the boats. He ‘Ardmore Junction‘We were able to proceed without further incident,’ he concluded.

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The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) alleged Yemen’s Houthi rebels to do War crimes for their attacks against Civil ships It contains Red Sea The aim is to prevent ships from arriving in the final weeks Israel Through this path.

“The The Houthis They claim to be doing Attacks in the name of PalestiniansThe reality is that they are attacking, arbitrarily detaining and endangering unrelated civilian crew members. military purpose Introduction The The Houthis Immediately release the hostages and put an end to them Attacks on civilians Caught in your crosshairs War was declared against Israel“said Deputy Director for Middle East and North of HRW Africa, Michael page.

Human Rights Watch (HRW) has accused Yemen’s Houthi rebels of committing war crimes for attacking civilian ships in the Red Sea (EUROPA PRESS).

He has accused in that way Armed Forces These should be attacked Public targets “With full knowledge” it was not a military objective.

This category Attacks on civilians Under “Prohibited under any circumstances” International Human RightsIt also forces the conflicting parties to take over.All necessary precautions“Check all of that to avoid harming the public Targets are military.

After the war broke out Gaza Strip On October 7, the The Houthis Many have been published A barrage of missiles and drone strikes Against the south Israel And against ships flying the flag The Jewish State or property Israeli companies It contains Red Sea.

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Likewise, on November 19 The ship was impounded ‘Galaxy Leader’Who was passing by Red Seaand diverted it towards the port of Yemen Al SalifIt still exists today with 25 employees from various countries.

(with information from EFE)