April 22, 2024

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The Venezuelan government has rejected the United Nations' accusations Caracas described the international mission as “shameful and ridiculous”.

The Venezuelan government has rejected the United Nations' accusations  Caracas described the international mission as “shameful and ridiculous”.

The Venezuelan government called the “ridiculous” reports by the UN Free International Mission false and “baseless accusations”. For that country issued this Wednesday. The mission, led by Portuguese Marta Valinas, pointed out that in the midst of the electoral campaign towards the presidential election in July, “a very violent form of repression” is being re-enacted by arresting opponents accused of conspiracies.

“False and Shameful Work”

In a statement, the Venezuelan executive rejected in a “strong manner” the reports published by the “false and shameful” task of issuing a new United Nations report. Caracas pointed out The mission was promoted by a failed cartel of countries that joined together in the so-called Lima Group.Composed of extreme right-wing governments, which were one by one thrown out of power by their own people, today is a bad memory in our region.

“Most of these governments have excellent human rights records that are not appreciated by a complicit and politicized system that, unfortunately, today only focuses on attacking sovereign governments and people,” the Venezuelan government warned. Today was seen as one of the most shameful events in human rights.”

The UN mission accused Nicolás Maduro's administration of issuing “prejudiced rulings for purely political purposes” and of “complicity with terrorist sectors that have promoted inhumane economic sanctions against Venezuela.” They have repeatedly shown plans to assassinate President Nicolás Maduro And “cause confusion and destruction to his people.”

Therefore, the Maduro government urged the United Nations Human Rights Council to “reject any false argument from that mission, which has not set foot in the country” and “uses to present unprofessional methods” A partisan pamphlet must be categorically rejected“.

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Venezuela does not and will not accept any action arising from this hatred.“Presented before a Council that has done nothing to prevent the genocide of the Palestinian people,” the executive said, it reiterated its commitment to the “promotion, respect and protection” of human rights as a “highest value”.

“Silencing Voices at Any Cost”

Head of Mission, Marta ValinasHe told the United Nations Human Rights Council Venezuelan authorities “instigate real or imagined plots to intimidate, detain and prosecute opposition figures. or criticism of the government”, and noted that he had moved into a more violent period to “silence anti-Chavismo voices” “at any cost”.

He also warned of measures that “reveal serious difficulties in guaranteeing that the next presidential elections are conducted in accordance with the right to participate in public affairs.” It recognized the disqualification of María Corina Machado, the chosen candidate of the main opposition coalition.

This Wednesday Attorney General, Tarek William Saab, announced the arrest of Henri Alviares, national coordinator of the Vente Venezuela party. for planning “violent measures” to “force” Machado to register his candidacy in the July 28 presidential election.

Valinas highlighted that in January 2024 Maduro asked to “enact the Bolivarian Fury”, after four plots to assassinate him or organize coups were foiled the previous year, and the Attorney General's Office announced the aforementioned Operation White Bracelet. One of the conspiracies to end the life of the President.

He also drew attention to the arrest warrants against 14 people, including opposition leaders such as Juan Guaido and Leopoldo López, who were allegedly involved in a plot against the referendum on Guyana Essequiba held on December 3.

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That month, shortly after both the mission he chaired and the UN Human Rights Office raised concerns about activist Rocio San Miguel, the Venezuelan government suspended operations of the aforementioned office's technical mission and provided a fund to its staff. 72 hours to leave the country.

The mission, led by Chile's Francisco Cox and Argentina's Patricia Tabata, has documented the cases of 18 women detained along with San Miguel for allegedly being involved in or involved in “conspiracies” to overthrow the government. The NGOs had asked for an extension of the work, which was due to end in September this year, for another two years.

The Venezuelan delegation to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva responded, “The United States, the European Union and the failed Lima Group, the biggest rights violators in all of history, designed this mechanism. To apply maximum pressure on Venezuela, to manipulate the instruments and objectives of this Council.”

“They want to cover all the atrocities fabricated against Venezuela as absolute facts without verification or stable evidence,” a representative of the delegation said, referring to the work of a mission, and in his opinion warned that “they appeal to anonymity and are discovered.” proof's.”