April 22, 2024

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Forgiven Fujimori walks in shopping and social networks | The public appearance of the former Peruvian dictator is interpreted as a crime to the families of the victims.

Forgiven Fujimori walks in shopping and social networks |  The public appearance of the former Peruvian dictator is interpreted as a crime to the families of the victims.

From Lima

He is now out of jail An amnesty was challenged by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Inter-American Court), Alberto Fujimori He has just woken up from a serious medical condition where an apology is justified for that question. Healthy and active, he walks out and takes photos with supporters, promotes himself on social networks and makes political statements. To pardon the former dictator, who was sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity and corruption, is so ill that he depends on an oxygen tube to breathe and has been assured that he could die at any moment. After his release he appeared to be in good health. Fujimori himself has clarified that this is a farce.

Upon release, Fujimori, with a downcast face and pained expression, was replaced by a prominent figure who displayed good health for his 85 years. He smiled as he walked through a shopping center in an exclusive part of the Peruvian capital, greeting supporters who approached him and taking photos with them. In that procession of admirers all seemed to be armed. To end the assembly, a television channel with far-right spokespeople appeared on the scene Fujimori declared his support for President Dina Boluarte, which granted him a pardon, ignoring the rulings of the U.S. Court of Appeals against that pardon. He promised that Fujimorism was in agreement to support and sustain the government.

A few days after walking through the shopping center, Fujimori appeared in a video to announce the activation of his social networks. One photo showed him at lunch with friends, in which he is so relaxed that he can't be separated, without a tube up his nose to breathe. There is no trace of the oxygen tube in the picture, on which his life is said to depend.

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The weary-faced, frail-looking character breathing through an oxygen tube returns to the scene when he appears in court to try him in a virtual trial for the murders of six farmers. Convicted of the murders of 25 people – the Barrios Altos and La Cantuda massacres – committed by the Collina Killing Squad created by his government and acting under his orders and protection. Fujimori faces a new trial that could land him back in prison. In January 1992, Colina, a group of six farmers, was abducted and hanged in the town of Mobilka. The pardon did not absolve him from this trial, but he introduced a bill in Congress to remove Fujimori as a crime against humanity., which they intend to approve to declare the statute of limitations on unregistered murders for crimes committed before 2002, thereby dismissing the trial. Other oppressors will also benefit.

“a farce”

“It's a joke, and eventually he becomes an actor,” he declared Page I12 Gisela Ortiz, the sister of one of the La Cantuta students murdered by the Fujimori regime, notes that Fujimori was transformed from a very ill Fujimori into a healthy person enjoying her freedom to do politics while apologizing or facing judges. An enraged Ortiz says, “After a long struggle for family members to get justice and those responsible to go to jail, I feel ridiculed. Fujimori has always been fake. These public appearances of such good health confirm the farce around a serious illness that should justify his pardon.” Fujimori It is sickening to see serious crimes such as human rights abuses and corruption go unpunished and politicized as if nothing happened.”

According to Ortiz, Fujimori's vanity has to do with this comeback, which shows the travesty of his questionable apology for health reasons. “We must not forget that Fujimori has always been arrogant and very vain. These public appearances, wanting to present himself as the radical leader of Fujimoriism, work against him because they are no grounds for arguments to justify a humanitarian pardon on health grounds, but they are necessary for him. When this pardon was granted against it We have presented this evidence of his condition to the Inter-American Court, which has already ruled. We have asked the Court to send this case to the OAS Assembly in June and grant sanction against the Peruvian state. If we have a state in Peru that does not guarantee rights to victims and their families, then the Inter-American We are confident that the system will not let us down.”

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In the reports of this newspaper, the historian, anthropologist and political analyst Carlos Monge expressed his opinion on the impact of this political rebirth of Alberto Fujimori on the electoral aspirations of his daughter Keiko. “The reappearance of Fujimori in good health and making political statements confirms that his pardon was a political arrangement, a travesty. Fujimori knows that his pardon depends on President Tina Polwart's political decision and can change it. Faced with this situation, he tells his daughter Keiko and Fujimoriism 'with Tina until the end.' He goes on to say that publicly. Fujimori has signed with Boluarte In order to support her in the government, Fujimorimism proves the deal she has kept secret but publicly denies with Polwarte. Fujimorism applies to Boluarte's presidency, but there are voices that believe that aligning with a political figure with less than ten percent support is incompatible with their electoral plan. But Alberto Fujimori's reasoning is that Keiko doesn't want to go back to prison anymore, not thinking about whether he can win the election or not. For that, he knows that supporting Polwarte is his best card.

This political comeback by Fujimori “harms Keiko's aspirations to win elections because it creates the image of a party with two commanding voices, each based on its own calculations.” As the elections approach in April 2026, tensions between Keiko and her father may increase as the daughter's electoral ambitions may push her away from Polwart. Monge says, “History shows that Keiko always put his political ambitions first and, in the face of it, did not care about his father's health and life.” ” He believes that this conflict between different interests will lead to a split in Fujimoriism between father and daughter. “I don't think there will be a division, because I don't think Alberto Fujimori is in a position to lead even a short- and medium-term plan; His interest has now been curtailed by a return to prison. But if a dispute could reach the level of a division, Keiko stands a chance of winning the fight for control of Fujimoriism, but losing in the spirit of his candidacy, as a public fight with his father could harm him in the election. , “I will lose Fujimori votes.”

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The dictator, who said he was on the brink of death while in prison for the crimes, now walks around with impunity, with a wry smile touting his good health and his political moves to maintain his illegal amnesty. Gisela Ortiz warns that this is a danger not only for Peru. “For a human rights abuser like Fujimori to shamelessly try to benefit from an illegal amnesty endangers all of Latin America and the judiciary, which seeks to establish that human rights abusers should be punished according to law.”