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The wings of imagination are preparing for a catastrophic end

The wings of imagination are preparing for a catastrophic end

In ABC’s world of champagne and fragrant scents BSCSome things are strict Forbidden, even if the rules are often not stated. In the old days, at least, you’d try to avoid saying “I love you” to more than one person, and even today, strong declarations of commitment are generally frowned upon for obvious reasons. Apparently, however, he didn’t tell anyone Golden BachelorThe first leading man, Jerry Turner, is all about it.

On Thursday, during Fantasy Suites Week, the 71-year-old retired restaurateur made a huge mess that will be nearly impossible to clean up two weeks from now during the finale. The show has been teasing Jerry’s disastrous finale for weeks, but now we can say it’s official: There’s no way to get out of this thing emotionally intact.

Jerry knows that when he walks into the Fantasy Suites, all of us voyeurs in the house will be wondering what’s going on between him and his latest lady loves – Teresa and Leslie – behind closed doors. Like any gentleman, he’s also fully committed to making sure we don’t find out. “Honestly, I feel like it’s none of their business,” he says of curious fans.

Honestly, he’s right and he should say so! But we don’t need to see these intimate moments to know that in at least one respect, Jerry may have really kept things a secret. Didn’t host Jesse Palmer or someone else warn the poor guy about the dangers of telling a finalist that you think she’s “the one”?!

For this season’s Fantasy Suites, we take off to beautiful Costa Rica, where Jerry begins his week by rappelling down the side of a cliff with Leslie from spunky Minnesota. Apparently the adrenaline from their victory went to Jerry’s head, because during dinner, he started saying all the nice things you should never say on the A devilish social experiment Televised dating programme.

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As far as Jerry is concerned, the best aspect of Fantasy Suites isn’t necessarily the physical intimacy (although he makes sure to stress that older people still do “shoes”). Instead, he says he relishes the opportunity to “speak without filters.” It’s an impressive idea that he clearly goes above and beyond.

Jerry has already told Leslie he loves her, along with Faith, who he sent home in tears last week. However, he has his concerns: Are he and Leslie viewing their journey through rose-colored glasses? Are they really looking at the tough questions, like where they’ll live once the show is over?

Leslie isn’t sure about the living arrangements yet, but her confidence seems to calm Jerry’s nerves. (“Instead of two coasts, we could be a Midwestern couple,” she jokes.) Regarding Geri’s question about whether she’s ready for a lifelong commitment, Leslie insists that despite being divorced twice, “I want to do it too. I do.” “

At this point Jerry made his first blunder, replying, “And we will.” What???

Then comes Mistake No. 2, when Jerry tells Leslie about some advice he received from her And the bacheloretteThe first female pioneer, Trista Sutter (née Wren). “You have to find the person you can’t live without, not the person you can live with,” Jerry remembers Sutter telling him. As for Leslie, he adds, “I think you’re the one. I think you’re that person.”

Teresa and Jerry.

If that’s not enough to make seasoned Bachelor’s The repeaters throw bowls of popcorn into the air in resignation, and there’s also this wonderful little speech that Jerry shares with Leslie before they part ways: “It’s as if I should have my morning coffee with you,” he says. “I have to be with you when I go to sleep at night. … That’s the thing, and I don’t know how we’re going to decide where we’re going to live. We’ll have to figure it out. But I think there’s no one else I’d rather try to figure it out with.”

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Meanwhile, Leslie may not be good at poetry; She compares Geri to old shoes, which seems like it’s supposed to be a compliment, because they’re “comfortable” and “fit perfectly.” (I mean I get that, but also, does anyone really want to be compared to broken-in shoes?)

Five and a half seconds later, it’s time for Jerry to ride with Teresa, and she’ll be shocked — just I was shocked– To know that the moment he arrives, he looks so torn.

Previously reluctant to tell Teresa he loves her, Jerry is now looking for the right opportunity to say so while also wondering what Leslie is up to. Unsurprisingly, she noticed that he seemed a bit distracted, which prompted her to say perhaps one of the funniest things of her life. Bachelor’s History: “Maybe this is the kind of history you’re really focused on on this horse?”

However, it’s clear that Jerry adores Teresa, and his admiration grows even more when she tells him about her transformation from being a full-time mother and day trader to a financial services professional with seven securities licenses. (Teresa, I know you just told Jerry you’ll retire if you end up together, but if there’s any chance you’d be willing to share some stock tips with a lowly writer before you do, my number is…)

Jerry Turner in The Golden Bachelor.

In the end, Jerry tells Teresa that he loves her, but after the two Fantasy Suite dates are over, he doesn’t seem to be any closer to knowing the woman he loves. more. As we already know from season previews, this is going to be a big deal. In the preview for the finale, which will air on ABC on November 30, Jerry admitted: “I took on a really good guy and broke his heart.”

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Later, our Bachelor Gold adds, “If I had known that would be the amount of pain I would cause someone, I never would have taken that first step on this journey.” As for whose heart will be broken, that seems to be anyone’s guess, at this point, perhaps including Jerry.

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