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| November 14, 2018

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There Is Only Light

There Is Only Light
Gudni Gunnarsson

Remember, all that you devote attention to grows and thrives. Attention is light, and light does not discriminate any more between types of human beings than the sun differentiates between casting rays on beautiful flowers and weeds. Light just is. It modestly shines and radiates to whatever is accessible/available to its energy at any given moment. Light does not shine exclusively to make things grow and thrive. Light shines because it is in its nature to do so, and that is an immutable truth shining is the purpose of life.

Light is energy.
Light is life.
Light is love.
Light is all that is.
All else is illusion—assumptions, judgments, methods of measuring

“good” or “bad,” and so on. All illusions. We are absent to the glory of each moment, and yet we think we are free. We are living in an illusionary world we believe to be reality. Nevertheless, it has been claimed that the majority of our existence is dominated by our subconscious, unconscious behaviors. Then, to be conscious, to be aware, is to be free of the illusion.

Awareness is light, energy, love, and consciousness. Awareness is not our thoughts, and it is not the same as concentration or focus. Awareness is pure consciousness, complete and independent of anything within us or in the world. Here is a concrete analogy to make this concept easier to understand: When you place a new battery in your flashlight it produces a strong and clear beam that you direct at will. The beam is not biased it simply shines on all things that it is directed toward. Light becomes diffused when you use the same battery power and same bulb but enlarge the aperture of the flashlight, in other words, shedding less light over a larger area. When the batteries begin to fade, the beam becomes fainter.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”

—J. W. Goethe

Captive in this vicious cycle of dual punishment, we sound a little like this: “I did something that had a bad effect on my life. Then I turned bad to worse by putting myself down as a result. I kick myself while I’m down instead of helping myself back to my feet. Then I punish myself by doing something that is self-detrimental and then punish myself again for hav- ing inflicted the punishment.” Dual punishment and abandonment equals twofold self-rejection.

Until we have awakened to the fact that we are energy projectors, we are completely unaware that how we devote our energy always has consequences. Energy cannot be destroyed or wasted, only allocated or invested. How we invest our energy, consciously or unconsciously, determines the quality of life of which we feel worthy. We have all that we require right now to live in complete harmony and prosperity. All it requires is to stop being absent, choose to be present, enjoy our own company, and dissolve the ego, or what I call the i-me-mine.

How do we do this? By attuning ourselves to the frequency of the heart. Living from the heart is a decision you make. Being present and vigilant is a practice that requires breaking away from “scarcity consciousness” and committing to prosperity. This practice takes a lifetime to master, but once you commit to it, you have awakened and have become a conscious creator.

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