March 28, 2023

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They accused a filmmaker of murdering a Mexican architect and his friend after a party in Los Angeles.

Christy and Hilda (Photo: Featured)

District Attorney AngelsCalifornia, George Gascon, announced on Tuesday that he had filed charges against the two men Death of Mexican architect Hilda Marcela Cabrales Arzola and a friend Also abandoned at the doors of various hospitals in the city High doses of heroin.

David PearceCabrales Arzola, 27, 40, and Sisty Giles, 24, were charged with two counts of murder. November 13, 2021.

The suspect faces two more charges Sale, transportation and delivery of a controlled substance.

The suspect had previously been charged with multiple offences A total of seven victims were sexually assaulted 13 years later, Gascón explained in a press conference.

David Pearce is an actor and film producer (Photo: Facebook)
David Pearce is an actor and film producer (Photo: Facebook)

“We know nothing can bring these daughters and friends back to us, and I promise my office will do everything in its power to hold those who hurt them accountable.”

“I am sure they want to know what happened to their loved ones and why. Today we are one step closer to finding that truth,” he added.

During two counts Complicity in murder Two young women were also charged Brand Walter Osborne42 years old.

The Los Angeles Police After the morning of November 13, 2021, the fact-finding began Masked men Giles was released from the hospital Culver CityAnd they are a fast A car without license plates. She died after being admitted to the hospital.

George Gascon, California attorney (Photo: Twitter/George Gascon)
George Gascon, California attorney (Photo: Twitter/George Gascon)

After two hours Cabrales Arzola was left at the door of another hospital by the same men. Doctors managed to keep her alive, but she was amputated after being notified Brain death.

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In April 2022, the Los Angeles Medical Examiner’s Office determined the deaths of Hilda Marcela and Christy. The killing was the result of “multiple drug intoxication,” including cocaine and fentanyl.

One of the drugs called Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, or GHBAlso known as “Date Rape Drug”According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

Luis Gabriels, Mexican fatherLocal media reported last November that a large amount of heroin was found in Yuvati’s system, but He questioned whether his daughter was taking drugs voluntarily.

Hilda worked as an architect (Photo: File)
Hilda worked as an architect (Photo: File)

The Mexican had come to Los Angeles six months ago to work as an architect for a firm.

Correspondence with Pearce and Osborne In the entertainment industry, They will appear in a Los Angeles court to answer further charges July 11.

Authorities are looking for more victims, who may call the district attorney’s office (877) 542-9370 or at the Los Angeles Police Department West Homicide Bureau (213) 382-9470 to convey his attack.

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