June 6, 2023

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They arrested the president of Uruguay, Luís Lacal, who was in custody of Poe

Uruguay’s president, Luis Lacal Po, in a file photo (EFE/Federico Anfitti)

Head of the Uruguayan Presidential Guard Luis Lacalle Pou, Alejandro AstesianoAccording to reports, the arrest was made in the last hours of Monday TV City and other Uruguayan media.

“I am as surprised as you are.”, assured the President.

This is the main security officer of the president, the same Uruguayan media confirmed. He is being held on charges of falsifying documents to issue Russian passports.

September last year Information flow (690 AM) had informed the Superintendent of Police that there was too much 20 trials for various offences.

“When I arrived at the air force base, I was informed by him that the director of intelligence was waiting for me at the presidential residence,” the president said, adding that he had no knowledge of Hasisiano’s criminal activities. , if he had known, he would not have hidden it, because he is the one in charge of protecting his family: “You know how the president of Uruguayans works. If I had a clue, I wouldn’t have given him my most precious possession, my family.

“One is always prone to mistakes,” he said, adding that this type of hiring falls on him (Photo: AFP)

“One is always subject to mistakes,” he said, adding that this type of hiring falls on him. “What needs to be minimized is the margin of error to be as small as possible. In this case it doesn’t affect people, it affects me and my family.

He clarified that Astesiano has “no criminal record” and that “everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.”

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“There is an arrest warrant, which has not been released for no reason, the prosecutor has a clue, I imagine. I don’t know what (degree) involvement, we will look at the prima facie opinion and take action accordingly,” he added.

About how he lives at this moment, he said “badly”: “I told you one thing, the other is the internal procession. If there is a citizen who is subject to justice at this moment, what am I going to do? Prophecy? Although, my mood will not be good”.

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