April 13, 2024

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They found the remains of Emile, a two-year-old boy who had been involved in an intensive search since July in France.

They found the remains of Emile, a two-year-old boy who had been involved in an intensive search since July in France.

from Confirming the discovery of Emily's remains, In France, the investigation into her disappearance is considered a criminal case. A two-year-old boy went missing in July. He was playing at his grandparents' house in Le Vernet, a town of over a hundred people in Haute-Provence.

Shock over Emile's disappearance, which is similar to Madeleine McCann's, has left France in suspense

The investigation did not stop after that Find out where he is. The entire neighborhood and relatives and acquaintances of the creature were investigated, but no relevant data were provided.

Eight months later, A A gruesome discovery And that made us think of the worst: they found out The bone remains Near the area where he disappeared. Recently, they confirmed that they belong to a boy.

The prosecutor of Aix en Provence issued a statement this Sunday “Genetic Identification Analysis” These remains have allowed us to conclude that “it A two-and-a-half-year-old child.” Emile's age at the time of her disappearance is consistent.

How did they find Emily's remains?

On March 30, 2024, the National Gendarmerie received a call Bones were found near the village Vernet. According to a statement from the prosecutor's office, the remains have already been handed over The Criminal Investigation Agency of the Gendarmerie, To carry out the necessary analyzes to ensure that the residues are consistent with the email.

How did Emily disappear?

The boy was spending the holidays at his maternal grandparents' house. July 8 He mysteriously disappeared while playing. Two people testified that they saw him coming down the street, but they didn't find him strange or suspicious.

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Since the investigation began, hundreds of operations have been carried out to find the child. It was done 97 hectares of fields, forests and steep terrain, And practically every house in Alto Vernet was searched, and the phones of all the people who passed through the area on the day of the disappearance were tapped.

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