February 25, 2024

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They ordered the demolition of a hotel in Barcelona, ​​for which Lionel Messi paid 30 million euros.

Luxury hotel “Mim Sitges” it Lionel Messi Acquired in 2017, it is located in the south Barcelona, Will be demolished After the sentencing of the court and for these hours Spain Yes There is talk of a millionaire scam.

According to the online newspaper “El Confidential” when Leo Messi bought it I do not know It violates the Urban Planning Code, which seeks to demolish it.

Merchant Francisco Sanchez sold the hotel to Argentina on May 5, 2017. 30 million euros.

Messi-owned Mim Sitges Hotel to be demolished by court order.

There is a part of the contract in which Sanchez guarantees that there will be no urban file against the property.

Now, the property is stuck within legal territory with a firm demolition verdict and Economic implications To Messi.

According to the Spanish newspaper, the alleged fraud began in 2009. At the time, businessman Sanchez Rodriguez was asking the city council of Sitges for building permission to build the hotel.

On October 6 of the same year, it was given to him. However, his work – which began in early 2011 and peaked in 2013 – They do not respect the limits given By the City Council.

The main problem is the balconies, which are built from the beginning and extend two meters from the facade. That’s the reason Violates urban regulations.

Two years later, the businessman presented a plan to try to legalize them, as it was not approved. But it was too late: they had to be demolished.

The problem was small: remove the balconies. But no. The structure of the facade balconies is rooted in the overall construction of the building and their removal The entire hotel should be demolished.

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The title between the businessman and the Catalan judge wrote several chapters. And when he sold the property to Messi, the lawsuit continued, even though it was not included in the contract of sale.

“After a long judicial process, the sentence is finally finalized and it agrees with us as a city council,” they explained.

“In this sentence, it was verified that the ‘balconies’ should be demolished. Therefore, they pointed out the whole hotel.

30 million euro hotel

Messi’s Catalan Hotel is now known as MiM Sitges, fIt was built in 2013 and is managed by Majestic Chain. It is located on Avenida Sofia in Sidges, about 50 meters from the beach.

It is a four star hotel. It has 77 rooms And suites, and 300 square meters.

It has a swimming pool and gym. According to its own website, the price for a weekend can vary from 105 to 216 euros per night for two people staying in a room only.

According to the Spanish newspaper, Messi did not want to comment on the dispute with his hotel. But his lawyers are preparing for a counter-attack.