June 8, 2023

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They predict that humanity will achieve immortality in eight years | From “technical singularity”.

Former Google Engineer Kathir Kurzweil He returned to emphasize his technical predictions and now confirmed them In eight years, humans will become immortal by creating age-reversible “nanobots.”

This prediction, which Kurzweil has been talking about for a long time, was given in a discussion on the YouTube channel. Proverb. A former Google engineer noted there The “nanobots” have the ability to repair damaged cells and tissues that degenerate as the body ages. This technology is thanks to the expansion of genetics, nanotechnology and robotics.

Such messages may still exist and go unnoticed if this engineer has not already created them. Of 147 predictions about the future, he was correct in 86% of cases.

Humanism and the “Technological Singularity”

For techies, “Nanobot” technology could prevent humans from aging, death and diseases like cancer.

In 2045, Silicon Valley and, according to the Inhumans reference, called a process “Technical Integrity”: A Breakthrough for Artificial Intelligence (AI) This technological leap is definitely possible and Computers surpass people in complexity.

Additionally, AI will begin passing a Turing test (an assessment of whether an AI has reached the level of human intelligence) in 2029.

Kurzweil does not believe in the apocalyptic future that movies talk about in which robots enslave humanity, but instead, Support for implanting computers in the human brain And thus a human-machine synthesis is created that helps the species to progress, within which he highlights the ability to think more intelligently.

“We’re going to have more neocortex, we’re going to have fun, we’re going to be better at music. We’re going to be sexier. In the long run, it’s going to affect everything.”He said about it.

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“We can meet the physical needs of all human beings. Let’s expand the mind and exemplify these artistic qualities that we value,” he added.

Other Ray Kurzweil predictions

Kurzweil was hired by Google in 2012 to “work on new projects related to machine learning and language processing,” but he was predicting technological advances long before that:

In 1990Kurzweil predicted The world’s best chess player lost to a computer in 2000, before that in 1997When Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov.

In 1993By 2023, a $1,000 laptop will have the computing power and storage capacity of a human brain, he said.