April 22, 2024

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They say five Chavismo protesters have taken refuge in the Argentine embassy in Caracas.

They say five Chavismo protesters have taken refuge in the Argentine embassy in Caracas.

Five opponents of Chavismo remain “refugees” in the Argentine embassy in Caracas. The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs conducted the consultation ClarionAny comment was avoided due to the confusing situation.

According to Venezuelan journalist Miguel Salazar, there are five people who have been issued arrest warrants by the Nicolás Maduro regime. They are: Magali Maeda, Claudia Macero, Humberto Villalobos, Pedro Urrucurdu and Omar Gonzalez.

Relations between Javier Millay's government and the Chavista dictatorship are at their worst. The Casa Rosada will not send an ambassador to Caracas.

tension On February 11, Argentina decided to hand over the Venezuelan Emtrasur cargo plane to the US Department of Justice. It sought confiscation because it was sold by Iran's Mahan Air and was subject to sanctions. Maduro retaliated by banning flights registered from this country from flying through Venezuelan airspace, affecting mainly Aerolíneas Argentinas routes. The government's request to stop this punishment was unsuccessful.

Who are “refugees”?

The five mentioned are close associates of Maria Corina Machado, the favorite in Venezuela's presidential elections, and have been banned by Maduro's repressive apparatus.

Millay's foreign ministry has been closely supporting Machado. Last week, Vice Chancellor Leopoldo Sahores and the head of the Foreign Relations Commission, Fernando Iglesias, held direct talks with Machado, whose collaborators have demanded prison terms.

These five Venezuelans are on arrest warrants along with two other Machado collaborators, as prosecutor Tarek William Sapp announced on March 20.

Maduro's bipartisan tension and crackdown on July 28 elections led Argentina to denounce Venezuela this Monday as “violating the right to vote in presidential elections.”

Several dozen Venezuelan migrants gathered in front of the Venezuelan embassy in Argentina to demand that the Maduro regime comply with the electoral schedule and open registration abroad to vote in the July 28 presidential election.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) announced that from March 18 to April 16, a special operation will be conducted to register and update the voter register in all Venezuelan consulates abroad. But it was not fulfilled.

The Venezuelan embassy in Buenos Aires, run by Stella Lugo, close to Maduro, closed its doors. Immigrants say they don't want to be served and say, “We want to vote!” and “Mature, coward, dare to speak for yourself!”

Activist Elisa Trotta, secretary general of the Argentine Forum for Democracy (FADD), condemned: “Maduro is preventing free elections in Venezuela. It prevents Venezuelans abroad from registering to vote and bans opposition leader María Corina Machado and her replacement, Professor Corina Yoris, from running for president. “Maduro knows he's defeated, and that's why he's afraid to tell himself.”

As for Argentina, of the 220,000 Venezuelans living in the country, 2,000 are registered in the voter register abroad because the process has not been implemented since 2018.

“The international community cannot remain silent about what is happening in Venezuela. Highlighting that Maduro has failed to fulfill all of the electoral and political guarantees established in the Barbados Agreement signed in October 2023, Trotta warned that “the Venezuelan people want to vote for the peaceful restoration of democracy through free elections, but Maduro is closing this door.” .