April 24, 2024

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Putin acknowledged that the attack was the work of radical Islamists but targeted Ukraine The Russian president suggested Kiev was behind the brutal Moscow attack

Putin acknowledged that the attack was the work of radical Islamists but targeted Ukraine  The Russian president suggested Kiev was behind the brutal Moscow attack

Russian President Vladimir Putin blamed Ukraine for Friday's terrorist attack at a concert hall outside Moscow.137 people died there and it was claimed by the Islamic State (ISIS). Putin admitted that the attack was carried out by “radical Islamists”., he warns, but there are still many unanswered questions. This weekend, Putin and his security services did not mention the involvement of jihadists and talked about the connection with Ukraine. The Kyiv government and the West strongly deny Ukrainian involvement in the attack.

Why did they try to go to Ukraine?

“It is necessary to answer the question why the terrorists, after their crime, tried to go to Ukraine? Who was waiting for them there?” The Russian president told a government meeting broadcast live on television. Putin wondered who would benefit from the “act of intimidation” and the attack, which happened the day after his election as president.

The NazisAs is well known, They never bothered to use dirty and inhumane means. to achieve their objectives,” he shot PutinHe recalled that Just now the Ukrainian counteroffensive has “completely” failedSo Ukraine needs to score points against its Western sponsors.

Putin said the attack on Crocus City Hall was reminiscent of a typical Kyiv leitmotif, calling for a number of questions to be answered. “This crime may be a link in a series of attempts by those who have been fighting against our country at the hands of the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev since 2014,” he said.

Putin condemned the U.S.'s attempts to convince its satellites and the rest of the world that according to its intelligence data, there was no trace of Kiev in the Moscow attack, which was carried out by followers of the Islamic State, a bloody act banned in Russia.

Although ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in several videos, Ukraine and its Western allies have insisted on denying involvement in the attack, and have suggested that Russia, instead of looking for false leads, should focus on its real problems and fight terrorism at home. . The EU's high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Joseph Borrell, said it was necessary to speed up military aid to Kiev after an increase in Russian attacks against Ukraine and criticized Putin for including Ukraine in the effort. .

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Suspicion on the accused

Three days after the tragedy, many questions remain unanswered, particularly the identity and motives of the four main suspects. The four individuals, at least one of whom is from the Central Asian country of Tajikistan, remain in custody until May 22 and face life in prison.

The Basmanny court in Moscow ordered the three other attackers to be detained for two months this Monday. Arrested are Aminson Islamov, Dilovar Islamov and Isroil Islamov. The father and his two children, according to Russian media. According to the Mediazona portal, Dilovar was the owner of the white Renault car in which the assailants fled until a few days ago.

at Crocus City Hall The researchers removed “90 percent of the debris.” The concert hall was destroyed by a massive fire started by the attackers, the Ministry of Emergency Situations said. The number of injured has risen to 182, with 97 of them hospitalized as of Monday, officials said.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov had no comment on the matter.Allegations of torture of suspects, who appeared with a bloodied face in videos and photos posted on social media. In another video, whose authenticity has not been confirmed, a man can be seen on camera cutting off the ear of one of the suspects. During the trial of the suspects in a Moscow courtSunday night, One had a white bandage on his ear and another came in a wheelchairWith eyes closed.