June 24, 2024

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This is a tense interview between a CNN reporter and a Kremlin spokesman

This is a tense interview between a CNN reporter and a Kremlin spokesman

Journalist Christian Amanpur This Tuesday, in a CNN signal, a tense exchange with a Russian spokesman, Dmitry PeskovWho recognized the potential for the use of nuclear weapons War in UkraineIn order to finally face the existential threat.

Amanpur urged Pesco whether Russia could use its nuclear weapons in the invasion of Ukraine. A Kremlin spokesman responded: “We have an opinion on homeland security.” “If there is an existential threat to our country, it may be”He added.

Tense interview between CNN reporter and Kremlin spokesman

Despite Amanpur’s opposition to Russia’s past stance on the invasion, and questioning the violation of the principle of regional unity as a UN member state and the recent nuclear threat, the official maintained Moscow’s debating course.

Can it be said that Putin will not use nuclear weapons?That he is trying to scare Ukraine and the rest of the world? Amanpur. A Kremlin spokesman, meanwhile, blamed kyiv for the conflict in separatist regions and this year the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelensky spoke at a conference in Munich on the possibilities of using nuclear weapons.

The driver insisted on condemning the Russian invasion, recalled his recognition of China as close to the Kremlin, reaffirmed his respect for regional unity, and wondered what other countries would have to face. The occupation began on February 24 by Moscow.

“The president Putin is trying to make our concerns known to the worldPeskov replied. “We have been trying for decades to get the UN, Europe and the United States to understand our position. But no one listened to us, ”Peskov replied.

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“Before it is too late, It was decided to launch a military operation to remove (what is happening) on ​​the borders of RussiaThe Russian spokesman added: The phrase surprised Amanpura who asked for an explanation. “Ukraine was designed by Western countries to take an anti-Russian stance. That is the problem, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Amanpur let out a sigh as he listened.

Despite Pesco’s evasion, the CNN presenter questioned. He recalled saying that “bad things will happen” if anyone tries to stop Putin. “Again. I would like to know if your employer will not use the nuclear option, considering the closeness and trust you have?”

“We have a policy on homeland security,” he said. This is public. You can read all the reasons for using nuclear weapons. “, A Kremlin spokesman responded: “If our country already has a threat, they can be used in our opinion.”