December 7, 2023

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This is how Israeli youths hid when Hamas terrorists carried out their cyber massacres

This is how Israeli youths hid when Hamas terrorists carried out their cyber massacres
Festival-goers were attacked by Hamas, who hid in weeds and recorded messages for their loved ones

A chilling video shows the moment attendees at a music festival in southern Israel were terrified of each other Forced to hide in the undergrowth Avoid the rain of bullets from Armed Hamas terrorists An estimated 260 civilians were killed and an unknown number abducted in a massacre.

Survivors of the attack released videos showing themselves crawling under bushes and recording in low voices. Farewell messages for your loved ones They saw victims being slaughtered.

Many remained Panicked for over five hours Before hearing armed rescuers speaking in Hebrew.

Participants shared videos of saying goodbye to their loved ones

Thousands of young people danced the night away Supernova FestivalHeld in a remote part of southern Israel near the border with the Gaza Strip.

But still The party turned sad Saturday dawn, when more than 1,000 Hamas terrorists They crossed the border from Gaza into Israel and invaded border communities under the cover of a hail of rockets.

The terrorists attacked Israel on motorcycles, pickup trucks, speedboats and motorized gliders, some of which were seen flying over the festival in a video widely shared online.

When they broke up the party, The terrorists started firing indiscriminately at the crowd.

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In other films, The Festival participants run through an open field Gunshots were heard towards the cars. Some say, “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!” can be heard shouting. As they hold hands and run from the approaching trucks, they continue to fire bullets at them.

Attendees at a music festival were victims of a terrorist attack by a Palestinian group

While many died, others were taken hostage, and the video Noah ArkamaniA 25-year-old girl was abducted on the back of a motorcycle and her plea for help went viral on social media.

Attendees at a music festival were victims of a terrorist attack by a Palestinian group

Another video captured by a car camera showed them how Armed terrorists hang civilians They lay on the sand before searching their pockets and emptying the bags from their cars.

Reuters We were able to verify the location of camera footage from tents, trees and fences seen in drone footage of the burned festival site.

Many suffer from panic attacks They fled on foot through the sand to their cars in an attempt to escape the carnage. They had to face fire from assailants who were packed in jeeps going “tree by tree” in search of targets.

Car camera shows Hamas terrorists shooting and holding hostage electronic party attendees

Last night they saw each other The corpses of the young revelers were piled on top of each other in the makeshift tentsEmergency workers were trying to identify his remains.

The gruesome image, shared in pixelated form on the Israeli government’s official Twitter page, showed dozens of victims stuffed in body bags at the party site.

Bodies of those killed by Hamas terrorists are stacked in a shop (Twitter/@Israel)

Israeli Rescue Service Jaga Later he said he was cured At least 260 corpses After the attack.

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That strict balance is the The death toll at the party is more than a third of the total death toll As Hamas attacks, the Israeli army numbers more than 700.

Moti PugjinSpokesperson Jagasaid “In the party area and in the party“, he assessed “There were between 200 and 250 bodies.”Based on the number of trucks used to transport bodies.

“They went and shot the people in the cars,” he said AFP. “They have killed people in an unimaginable way.”He told about what he saw at the music festival site.

On a major highway nearby, “there were cars on the side of the road, a car overturned, a car on its side… two or three bodies in each car, or one body shot,” he said.

Aerial images obtained by AFP The aftermath of the attack was shown Dozens of cars were burnt On the shoulder of the road leaving the festival grounds.

Drone video shows damaged cars and abandoned cars after Hamas attack

Bugjin explained to everyone The corpses he handled were those of those who had been shot dead, Completed by attackers By shooting them in the head or setting fire to their cars.

The shocking thing was that they confirmed that the people they had shot were dead. They stayed long enough for the security forces to arrive. Some cars were burnt with people inside,” he said.

“In some we saw a bullet in the head, a bullet in the head, a bullet in the cheek. “It’s not firing randomly, they’re hoping to hit the target.”

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Among the dead were festival-goers who tried to escape on foot.

Some bodies were in ditchesThey were shot dead when they tried to escape and they fell into ditches next to the road,” he said.

Had a conversation with Bukjin The army announced that its forces had recaptured communities near Gaza In the hands of Hamas militants.

Bukjin said Jagga will only begin collecting bodies from those communities, including the elderly, children and infants.

“It’s going to be a tough day.”he said sternly.