November 30, 2023

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This is the collection of luxury properties owned by Lionel Messi

This is the collection of luxury properties owned by Lionel Messi

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No one can be surprised if you say that Lionel Messi He is one of the richest footballers in the world. Being the best player in the world for almost 20 years gave Rosario the financial benefits that allowed him and his wife. Antonella Roguso, should be a little more when buying property in all parts of the world. Despite the fact that their home in Barcelona is the most famous (along with their home in the suburbs of Rosario), these aren’t the only homes the couple has around the world.

It is in addition to the two previously named buildings, Lionel Messi The investment in the hotel industry is in MiM Hotels of the Majestic Hotel Group, which currently has 5 properties in Spain and one in Andorra.

is known as the new football goal of Lionel Messi It was Inter Miami, however, that wasn’t Rosario’s first link with the American city. Overall footballer and Antonella Roguso They bought two luxury houses there.

The first is a $5 million oceanfront condominium on Sunny Isles Beach in the Bourse Design Tower with 3,400 square feet, three bedrooms and four bathrooms.

Lionel Messi He put it up for sale a while back, but it’s unknown if he’s changed his mind about the decision to live in Miami.

The other house he owns in the city is worth $7.3 million and is the ninth floor of Regalia, the most incredible building (39 floors) on the coast of the Saint Islands.

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This four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bath residence features a state-of-the-art natural stone bathroom with tub and clear glass-paneled shower (both with ocean views).

Finally, the jewel in the crown is the mansion he bought in Ibiza for $11.18 million, which the Messi family plans to use as a base for vacations with friends.