June 23, 2024

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Three weeks before the election in Chile, a positive test for Gabriel Borik Kovid-19 The left-wing candidate is leading in a poll released this Wednesday

I recognize Dignit as Vice President and Presidential Candidate of the Chilean Left Alliance, Gabriel Borick, Three weeks before the crucial election on November 21, he tested positive for Govt-19 And after a fever and cough on Tuesday afternoon. Corresponds to the contagion spread of the alumni leader A new poll That Puts him five points ahead of the far-right candidate, Jose Antonio Cast.

I got a positive result on PCR test And we’ll be in touch with the Ceremie team (Regional Health Office) for diagnostics, “Borick said on his Twitter account.” I urge you to follow the guidelines outlined for the close contacts we share these days, “he stressed.

Borick took part Monday night in a presidential debate organized by the University of Chile. There he was with the Christian Democrats and center-left Yasna Provoste, the ruling party Sebastian Chichel and the progressive Marco Enriquez-Ominami. On Tuesday morning he took part in another discussion attended by Cast. Because of that, Candidates have been suspended from their campaign activities.

Boric, Who should now be in ten-day isolation, Chile, which is facing a presidential election, regained the upper hand with 32 percent of the electorate According to the Data Influx Survey released this Wednesday, the far right is costly. Nearly a third of those surveyed voted for the broad-based Front and the Communist Party of Abrew Dignitad. Closet, Republican, this Collects 27 percent And appeared to be the first option on The Pulse Citizen Survey was released last Sunday.

In this new referendum, the young left-wing deputy has once again established himself as the first voting option Elections in three weeks are a divisive moment between him and the will to represent the caste, A 55-year-old lawyer who spoke in support of the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990) and a supporter of the policies of Brazilian President Jair Bolzano.

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According to the Data Influye poll, Provoste came in third with 13 percent and Sichel, a representative of the ruling party, came in fourth. People’s Party candidate Franco Paris, in fifth place, despite being in the United States, campaigned only through the Internet and has not yet returned to Chile, with eight percent.

With regard to the intention to vote, private opinion polls show Eighty-six percent of those polled said they would vote “with certainty.”, Chile stands alone, not exceeding 50 percent in turnout since the establishment of the voluntary vote in 2012.

Seven candidates for the presidency will replace Sebastian Pinera in the election. Elections call 15 million Chileans. Congress and the 16 Regional Councils will also be renewed.